Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 65: Sam Amick of USA Today

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

In the first half of this week’s show, Sam Amick, the newest addition to a revamped roster at USA Today, joins the podcast to share his take on the James Harden/Kevin Martin trade.  He also offers his national perspective and outlook on the Sacramento Kings.  Following that conversation, the show shifts gears into discussion about the Kings’ first game, attendance expectations for the first home contest and much more.


Former King Kevin Martin finally gets to showcase his talent on a playoff team in the Oklahoma City Thunder.  He’s reunited with a familiar face in Scott Brooks, who coincidentally spent time as an assistant for the Kings in Martin’s breakout 2006-07 season.  Amick, who covered the Kings beat for several years at the Sacramento Bee, touched on whether Martin’s talents are being undervalued by critics and pundits.

I just don’t think they know his game.  You have to know the Sacramento Kevin Martin to know what he could do for the Thunder.  I really don’t think that the last couple years in Houston are going to tell the story and like you said, that’s a great point about Scott Brooks.  Because listen, Scott was as big an advocate of Kevin’s as there was.  And the Kevin Martin camp was ecstatic when Scott Brooks looked like he might be the head coach long term and I think that is huge.  And it even goes beyond that, Rex Kalamian is an assistant for Scott in Oklahoma City. He’s also a former Kings assistant coach who had a phenomenal relationship with Kevin.  And I have talked to people back that way, they’re ecstatic about him being there.  Now granted, this doesn’t mean you never know what happens down the road – trade deadline or what not.  But they see him as a guy that they do want to have around for quite a while so it could be a great fit.


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