Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 55: Virginia Beach chatter and a conversation with Scott Howard-Cooper of

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

A relatively quiet offseason was rocked yesterday by rumors of a move east by the Sacramento Kings.  In part one of this week’s two-part podcast, we discuss the rumblings surrounding the Kings and the city of Virginia Beach.  We follow that up with a conversation with’s Scott Howard-Cooper and project the Kings upcoming 2012-13 campaign.


How important is Tyreke Evans to the Kings’ upcoming season?  According to Howard-Cooper, very important:

I think that Tyreke Evans is still one of the keys to this team.  And what happens with Tyreke this season will also be one of the keys to the team moving forward, not only on the court, but do they keep him or do they trade him?  And what kind of season will he have and what will that do for his trade stock.

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