Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 54: James Ham’s conversation with the Sacramento Press

Yesterday, Cowbell Kingdom’s James Ham joined the Sacramento Press in a live Google+ chat with editor Jared Goyette and sports writer Mark Needham.  They discussed a wide-range of Kings topics, including the upcoming season and the struggle to build a new entertainment and sports complex.  We bring you that conversation in this week’s Cowbell Kingdom Podcast.


Since the collapse of the arena deal in mid-April, the fight for a new ESC has gone dark.  Should the situation arise, James was asked if the community would be able to sustain another battle for its only major pro sports team:

I completely believe that they can.  I mean basically, we’re in a lull.  And during this lull, it’s giving people a time to recharge and to get ready if there is a need for another fight.  I’m not sure if we’re going to have to go down that road.  But we certainly saw how it could happen the first time around, how a community could mean so much.  And the community is willing to do that again because they showed that change can happen.  That you can do something about what most people in Sacramento consider an injustice.

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