Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 49: Sean Cunningham, News 10 Sports Producer on Team USA training camp

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

Video via Hornets247

DeMarcus Cousins made headlines for his play on the court and his demeanor off it in Team USA training camp this week.  We catch with News 10 Sports Producer Sean Cunningham in Las Vegas, for a recap and update of what he’s seen.


Cunningham on what the opportunity to play for the Select Team might mean for Cousins going forward:

The greatest thing about what I thought Team USA offered was the chance during this free agency period and this period of trades and changes in the NBA, so many NBA brass, from coaches to owners to front office types and even players were sitting in the stands watching this. And you know what? If anyone had any doubt in their mind about Cousins and his game and where he’s at, Cousins did a lot following Friday to change that. And, I think if you were to ask many of the people out there who got the chance to see what they saw, they would say that Cousins is a very big bright spot for Sacramento and the league.

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