Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 46: Talking Thomas Robinson and NBA Draft, Kings free agency

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

Thomas Robinson is a Sacramento King.  So, what’s next?  No guest on this week’s Cowbell Kingdom podcast, but we look back at the draft that was and look forward to the rest of the offseason, including free agency which is just around the corner.


On the Kings selling their second-overall pick:

Jonathan:  I’m of the opinion that I’m neither unhappy about it, nor am I ecstatic about.  It’s more or less a neutral move at this point.  And for me, I’m thinking you’ve already got enough young talent, why continue to stockpile more?  Focus on what you have at this point.

James:  Well, I completely agree.  And I think one thing that people miss out is that if you draft a second-round pick, and you sign him to his two-year contract, you’re basically giving up roughly $1.5 million, give or take a couple 100-thousand there.  So, if you take the $2 million they just got, which is what most people assume they picked up in the selling of the pick and you add that to the $1.3, $1.5 million over two years, that gets you a veteran at basically two years and $3.5 million.

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