Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 45: Randy Rahe, Head Coach of Weber State on Damian Lillard

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

Randy Rahe (Photo: Weber State)

Damian Lillard’s draft stock continues to rise as he impresses NBA teams in private workouts.  Weber State Head Coach Randy Rahe joins us for a conversation on his former point guard.


Rahe on who Lillard might compare to:

You know what, I’ve been asked that a lot guys.  And to be honest with you, I haven’t come up with a good answer.  It’s just the way it is; everybody wants a comparison.  He’s obviously not Steve Nash – that type of point guard.  But I don’t believe he’s like what Russell Westbrook (is).  You know, I think he’s a hybrid of two guys like that.  He can facilitate.  He’s proven it with us that he can run a team.  He can get teammates involved and he really cares about getting teammates involved.  And he’s also proven when the time is right (and) he needs to go score, he can go score.  So I don’t have a guy (to compare him to).  Somebody asked me if he’s like Deron Williams and I said “Yeah, maybe closer to that,” because he can do everything pretty well along those lines.  So, I just kind of look at him as a hybrid between a facilitator and a scorer.  Whoever that reminds you of, I really don’t know.  So, he can do a little bit of both that’s for sure.

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