Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 44: Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld on the 2012 NBA Draft

Workout footage of Andre Drummond in Sacramento (via

Talking all things draft, Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld joins us on this week’s podcast.  We get his takes on Andre Drummond, Thomas Robinson, possible trades coming down the pike and more.


Kennedy on the possibility of an Andre Drummond/DeMarcus Cousins pairing.

That similar topic came up at the combine. He was asked about the Kings’ interest in him. He said that the Kings told him that they felt he could play alongside DeMarcus Cousins and that they could make it work. Right away, I just kind of shook my head – it surprised me. I really think that Drummond’s a center in this league and obviously Cousins’ is a center. I really don’t think that you can put them alongside each other.

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