Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 42: Scouting the 2012 NBA Draft with Mike Schmitz of Draft Express and Valley of the Suns

by Jonathan Santiago and James Ham

Mike Schmitz of Draft Express and fellow TrueHoop Network blog Valley of the Suns joins on today’s podcast.  Like the above video of UConn center Andre Drummond, he is providing detailed breakdowns of some of this year’s prospects for DX.


Schmitz on UConn’s history of lackluster big men:

I think they recruit guys who are big, you can even look at (Alex) Orakhi a little bit, they’re big, they’re fairly raw, they like guys who are long and who can block shots.  And I think he just kind of fits that bill. I think (Emeka) Okafor had a little better career than some of those guys because he was a little more mature – (Jim) Calhoun even noted that.  But I don’t know what it is. I agree with you, they all kind of fit that same bill.  The reason I worry about Drummond is because he does fit that same bill and I can’t really think of the last time too recently a guy so raw and so undeveloped, not really understanding the game – he really doesn’t have a good feel for the game at all, sometimes he looks like he doesn’t even want the ball –  so, I can’t think of the last time someone with that kind of skill-set really blossomed and matured into a good, well-tooled, well-refined player.

More of Schmitz’s detailed prospect breakdowns:

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