Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 41: Aaron Bruski, NBC Sports ProBasketball Talk

by Jonathan Santiago and James Ham

Aaron Bruski of NBC Sports ProBasketball Talk joins us on this week’s podcast.  We discuss his latest piece on the arena saga and the Kings’ roster.


Bruski on Isaiah Thomas:

I think one of two things happened.  One was not a lot of people got to see him.  Not a lot of people nationally wrote about him and so I don’t think there was an overall appreciation for his game.  But two, we’re talking Keith Smart limited him often times to 25 minutes per game.  And if you’re voter looking at that, you’re asking yourself well why is that happening?  I’ve watched Isaiah since he started playing about 20 minutes a game that’s when he really hit our radar.  And this guy, it probably took me a couple weeks, but he’s a top 15 point guard in the NBA right now.  And I based that on his defensive ability, his decision-making, his shooting, his efficiency, his feel for the game.

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