Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 37: Keith “Shot Doc” Veney, Tyreke Evans’ Shooting Coach

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

From  Jason Williams to Dirk Nowitzki, shooting coach Keith “Shot Doc” Veney has worked with some of the NBA’s best.  Now he’s taken on a new project – Sacramento Kings guard/forward Tyreke Evans.  Veney joins us on this week’s Cowbell Kingdom Podcast.


  • Veney arrived in Sacramento last week to start working with Evans.  In addition to training players in the off-season, is it common for Veney to help players midseason, too?  “I go around and make my rounds during the season.  It’s almost like an oil check or a check-up with the doctor.  They call and I just come out for a couple days and we just go over our mechanics and things we need to correct – just little adjustments they might need to make during the season.”
  • Has the focus been on improving Evans’ mid-range or three-point game?  “We haven’t shot any three-pointers since I’ve been here.  It’s been all mid-range.  And if you look at any great scorer in the NBA, they master the mid-range.  From a Kobe Bryant to Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant – these guys mastered the mid-range.  Can they shoot threes?  Yeah of course they can, (like) a Lebron James, but when their game takes off, they’ve mastered the mid-range game.  And Michael Jordan, he shot 17 percent from the three-point line (his first three seasons).  So the whole thing is, if you can master that mid-range, you’re putting yourself in position to be a great scorer.
  • How far away is Evans from becoming a solid jump shooter?  “Oh, he’s right there.  I mean, the thing is when he was growing up, he could shoot the ball pretty good, so, it’s not like he’s an awful shooter.  Right now it’s about the repetition, getting his confidence back and doing the things that he did when he was a youngster.  And I’ve been watching Tyreke since he was in high school and he was scoring 30 points a game back then and he could really shoot the ball.”

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