Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 35: James Ham on the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Video by Mateo Fischer of Observing Baseball

Cowbell Kingdom’s James Ham was in Boston this past weekend for the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.  He provides a recap and details of his experience in this week’s podcast.


  • What is Sloan all about?  “They bring in people who are thinking about sports in different ways.  They’re bringing in people who are employing methods which maybe the normal person wouldn’t think of.  They bring in economists, they bring in mathematicians who can look at data in a different way…”
  • James sheds light on a conversation he had with Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, who’s been a frequent trade partner with Geoff Petrie in recent years.
  • More on the experience.  “It’s fun to sit in a room with some really bright people who have spent months and even years of their lives going through and trying to come up with an interesting take that could change the way people think about basketball…”

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