Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 32: Sacramento Bee’s Marcos Breton on the arena project

by Jonathan Santiago & James Ham

With the Kings on a six-game road trip beginning tomorrow in Chicago, all eyes in the region are on the game being played off-the-court.  In an effort to raise funds for a new downtown arena,the Sacramento City Council votes whether to move forward on negotiating terms with a potential parking operator tomorrow.  Sacramento Bee Columnist Marcos Breton weighs in on this week’s podcast.


  • On the Twitter hashtag #SayYes: “I think it’s an expression of not only for myself, but for a lot of people, how they feel about getting this done, getting an arena done and keeping the Kings and revitalizing the downtown.  The great thing about Twitter and the great thing about this particular incarnation of this arena saga in Sacramento is that this time, people have had the opportunity to express their love for the Kings and for what they represent as opposed to years passed when it was all about politics.  And so, maybe if we had Twitter back in ’03, ’04, ’05, ’06 – we’d have an arena already.”
  • The Maloofs have seemingly let the NBA negotiate the arena deal on their behalf.  Does that surprise Breton that they’re far removed from negotiations? “No, because that’s the way it’s been for a while.  I think they are central to why we are at this place in Sacramento.  I don’t think that they’re bad people.  I just don’t think they’re very good owners.”
  • The arena proposal needs at least a 5-4 vote in order to move forward to the next step: “I think the five are there provided that a deal does not put the general fund in risk.  If the only way they can figure this out is that if there’s cost overruns (and) that the general fund is going to be the backstop – that’s not going to fly.  But I think if they can do it without doing that, then I think there’s majority to pass.”

Read Breton’s Sunday column: New Kings arena is worth the risk

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