Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 31: Think Big’s Jeremiah Jackson on Sacramento arena project

by James Ham and Jonathan Santiago

It’s crunch-time here in the Sacramento.  With less than a month until the NBA’s March 1st relocation deadline, it’s safe to say that city staff and officials have gone into overdrive in the push to build a new downtown arena.  Joining us for an update on where the capital city stands is Jeremiah Jackson, project manager for Think Big Sacramento.


  • So, what ‘s next?  “I think there’ll be two, kind of, major steps…  (The first) really will be the step to enter into the RFP (request for proposal) process (on leasing city parking spaces and garages to a private operator), which would hopefully be on the 14th (next week) or shortly thereafter.  And then looking at that final step after that, which would be actually entering into a deal with the NBA…”
  • Is the goal to pay for the entertainment and sports complex up-front as opposed to having any debt service?  “Absolutely.  And so you know, some things are more annual revenue streams.  But as much as we can, we’ve always said we’re going to protect the taxpayers and we want to prevent the city from taking on long-term debt.  And so the parking deal, AEG’s portion of this, the team and the NBA’s portion of this – we’re looking to line up as much of that money up front as possible and really leave the city with no need to have long-term debt.”

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