Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 29: Arena Chat with Rob McAllister

by Jonathan Santiago and James Ham

With the March 1st relocation deadline quickly approaching, the conversation regarding a new Sacramento entertainment and sports complex is about to ramp up in coming weeks.  KFBK reporter and CK contributor Rob McAllister joins us to break down the latest in the arena project.

Excerpt from McAllister’s recent story on hotel contributions:

While the figure is still being negotiated, representatives with the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau appear to be ready to write a yearly check.

“Six figures at the very least, more likely seven figures,” said Mike Testa, the Senior Vice President of Convention Sales & Business Development.

Based on a 30 year span, which is typically the life of an arena, that could mean between $20-million and $30-million of the estimated $400-million cost of the proposed downtown sports and entertainment complex.

“There are no commitments as far as amounts but we are working through the (Convention and Visitors Bureau),” Sacramento Marriott General Manager, Doug Warren said.

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