Cowbell Kingdom 2012 Draft Profiles: Moe Harkless, Arnett Moultrie and Co.

For the first time in more than a week, the Sacramento Kings hosted first-round talent in a pre-draft workout.  Amidst buzz that they could be looking to move down in the draft, the Monday workout featured big man Arnett Moultrie and small forward Moe Harkless –  two prospects slated as possible late lottery to mid-first round picks.


Zack Rosen – Pennsylvania

From previous profile: If there’s one thing you can’t question about Rosen, it’s his mental capacity.  The 6’0 point guard played his college ball in the Ivy League and graduated from the Wharton School of Business, which is considered one of the top business schools in the world.  As far as his playing style goes, Rosen is a solid shooter and playmaker.  He shot a career-best 45.3 percent from the field and is Penn’s all-time leader in assists (588).  The 23-year-old guard is ranked 85th among Draft Express’ top 100 prospects.


  • Height: 5’11.75″ w/o shoes
  • Weight: 170 lbs.
  • Wingspan: 6′ 1″


  • Standing Vertical: 30″
  • Lane Agility: 11.10 sec.
  • 3/4 Court Sprint: 3.18 sec.

Darryl Bryant – West Virginia

Better known by the nickname “Truck”, Bryant was given the green light by Bob Huggins in his final season at West Virginia.  Averaging 16.9 points per game, Bryant was the Mountaineers’ second-leading scorer and became their go-to-guy on the perimeter.  More often than not, Byrant jacked up shots from behind the arc, averaging seven 3-point attempts to 6.3 2-point attempts per contest last year.  His success rate at that volume was not very high, as Bryant converted on just 30.9 percent of his 3-pointers.  The 22-year-old point guard is not ranked among Draft Express’ top 100 prospects.


  • Height: 5’11.5″ w/o shoes
  • Weight: 208 lbs.
  • Wingspan: 6’5.5″
  • Standing Vertical:  25.3″
  • Lane Agility: 11.80 sec.
  • 3/4 Court Sprint: 3.41 sec.

James Nunnally – UC Santa Barbara

From previous profile:  Nunnally played second-fiddle to potential first-round pick Orlando Johnson at UCSB.  Nunnally averaged roughly 16 points per game for the Gauchos, while shooting better than 47 percent from the field.  A product from Stockton, Nunnally is working out locally with renowned Sacramento strength and conditioning coach Guss Armstead.  He is not ranked among Draft Express’ top 100 prospects.


  • Height: 6′ 5″
  • Weight: 205 lbs.


Gus Gilchrist – South Florida

Gilchrist impressed with his showing at this year’s Portsmouth Invitiational Tournament.  In three games, the USF power forward was particularly dominant on the glass, averaging 16.7 rebounds per contest.  Those numbers are surprising considering Gilchrist averaged only five rebounds per game in his last season with the Bulls.  Offensively, he shies away from the low post and prefers to score from distance, where he’s not very effective.  Defensively, he doesn’t have great strength and was often times bullied on the block at Portsmouth according to those in attendance.  The 22-year-old forward is not ranked among Draft Express’ top 100 prospects.


  • Height: 6′ 9.5″ w/o shoes
  • Weight: 239 lbs.
  • Wingspan: 7′ 2.75″


  • Standing Vertical: 24.8″
  • Lane Agility: 11.58 sec.
  • 3/4 Court Sprint: 3.51 sec.

Arnett Moultrie – Mississippi State

Moultrie has both the athleticism and physical build to succeed as a big man at the next level.  Moultrie stands close to 6’11 and possesses a 7’5 wingspan – both solid height and weight for a player at his position.  Athletically speaking, Moultrie was one of just three big men prospects who cracked the top 25 in maximum vertical leap testing at this year’s combine.  He’s a good rebounder and averaged 10.5 boards per game for Mississippi State last season.  Offensively, he’s at his best when he plays off-the-ball and was particularly effective for the Bulldogs as a cutter.   As far as weaknesses go, Moultrie isn’t considered a great team defender, often times falling asleep in help situations.  And though he possesses NBA athleticism, he isn’t a very good shot blocker.  Moultrie averaged less than a block per game this past season.  Moultrie’s motor and character raise questions, too.  The 21-year-old prospect is currently projected as a mid-to-late first round pick.

Watch:  Arnett Moultrie Video Scouting Report 


  • Height: 6′ 9.5″ w/o shoes, 6’10.75″ w/ shoes
  • Weight: 233 lbs., 7.7 percent body fat.
  • Wingspan: 7’4.75″
  • Standing Reach: 8′ 10.5″


  • Standing Vertical: 33.5″
  • Running Vertical: 37.5″
  • Bench Press: 10 reps
  • Lane Agility: 11.32 sec.
  • 3/4 Court Sprint: 3.22 sec.

Moe Harkless – St. John’s

Harkless is another player blessed with physical gifts and athleticism that make him an attractive prospect.  Standing 6’9 and possessing a wingspan of 7’0, the St. John’s product fits the mold of your protypical small forward.  Harkless has the tools needed to be a good NBA small forward, but he’s a project.  Weighing in at 207 lbs., Harkless needs time to fill out his frame.  Harkless is also raw offensively and will have to learn how to play the wing after spending most of his freshman year as a power forward for St. John’s.  If he wants to succeed at the next level, Harkless also needs to become a better shooter.  The former Red Storm forward shot just 21 percent from beyond the arc last year.  Harkless also needs to improve his ball-handling.  According to Mike Schmitz over at Draft Express, Harkless drove right 75 percent of the time last season.  The 19-year-old forward is currently projected as a late lottery to mid-first round pick.

Watch:  Moe Harkless Video Scouting Report


  • Height: 6′ 7.25″ w/o shoes, 6’8.75″ w/ shoes
  • Weight: 207 lbs., 5.3 percent body fat.
  • Wingspan: 7’0″
  • Standing Reach: 8′ 6.5″


  • Standing Vertical: 32.5″
  • Running Vertical: 37″
  • Bench Press: 5 reps
  • Lane Agility: 10.87 sec.
  • 3/4 Court Sprint: 3.25 sec.

Post-workout Notes

  • The workout finished earlier than expected after Moultrie left due to injury.  He apparently suffered an ankle sprain and was not available for comment after the tryout concluded.
  • The pre-draft process has been taxing on Harkless, who admitted that it’s “been a little more than I expected”.  He’s worked out for several lottery teams in Golden State, Portland, Toronto and Houston.  A few squads outside of the top 14 he’s worked out for were Philadelphia, Boston and Orlando.  Harkless said his Kings workout (his last in his pre-draft tour) was scheduled just last week .
  • Harkless on his addressing his ball handling and inability to go left: “For like  two weeks straight, I was just working on my left hand, so it definitely benefited me.”
  • Harkless on who he compares to:  “I like Paul George.  He kind of plays the same way I play.  Just an athletic guy, likes to run, does a little bit of everything on the court.  Guys compare to like Rudy Gay and Trevor Ariza (als0).”
  • We spoke to Kings head coach Keith Smart briefly after the workout.  After being absent from last week’s two workouts, I asked him where he was and Smart said he visited some of his players during that time.


Jonathan Santiago
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