Cowbell Kingdom 2012 Draft Profiles: Kim English, Jorge Gutierrez and Co.

Another day of pre-draft workouts in Sacramento featured no big names. ¬†The Kings once again spent the afternoon looking at players perhaps worthy of their second-round pick or a roster spot on their Summer League team. ¬†But unlike yesterday’s workout, which showcased a crop of big men, today’s pre-draft session focused on guards.


Kim English ‚Äď Missouri

English is the definition of a shooting guard. ¬†Playing for a talented Missouri team, he shot close to 46 percent from beyond the arc last year. ¬†English was an efficient scorer for the Tigers, posting a stellar 64-percent eFG% in his senior season. ¬†For a team like Sacramento that struggled to score on the perimeter, English’s shot-making ability would be a welcomed presence. ¬†The former Tiger is a projected mid-second round pick.


  • Height: 6′ 3.75″¬†w/o shoes
  • Weight: 191 lbs.
  • Wingspan: 6′ 7″


  • Standing Vertical: 27.8″
  • Lane Agility: 10.51 sec.
  • 3/4 Court Sprint: 3.32 sec.

Bradford Burgess¬†‚Äď VCU

Burgess is another prospect who made a living scoring from the perimeter. ¬†He shot better than 43 percent from three-point land in his freshmen and junior years at VCU. ¬†However, his numbers dipped to career lows in field-goal (36.7) and 3-point percentage (36.7) in his senior year. ¬†Burgess is not ranked in Draft Express’ top 100 prospects.


  • Height: 6′ 4.75″¬†w/o shoes
  • Weight: 212 lbs.
  • Wingspan:¬†6’5.5″


  • Standing Vertical: 27.3″
  • Lane Agility: 11.32 sec.
  • 3/4 Court Sprint: 3.33 sec.

Jorge Gutierrez¬†‚Äď California

The former Cal guard is a hustler and an energy player. ¬†Gutierrez grinded his way to three straight PAC-10/PAC-12 All Defensive Teams and won PAC-12 Player of the Year in his final season at Cal. ¬†Unlike English and Burgess, Gutierrez is not very polished offensively. ¬†He scored 13 points on roughly 11 shot attempts per game last season. ¬†Gutierrez is not ranked among Draft Express’ top 100 prospects.


  • Height: 6′ 2″¬†w/o shoes
  • Weight: 194 lbs.
  • Wingspan:¬†6’6″


  • Standing Vertical: 29.3″
  • Lane Agility: 11.10 sec.
  • 3/4 Court Sprint: 3.39 sec.

James Nunnally¬†‚Äď UC Santa Barbara

Nunnally played second-fiddle to potential first-round pick Orlando Johnson at UCSB. ¬†Nunnally averaged roughly 16 points per game for the Gauchos, while shooting better than 47 percent from the field. ¬†A product from Stockton,¬†Nunnally is working out locally with renowned Sacramento strength and conditioning coach Guss Armstead. ¬†He is not ranked among Draft Express’ top 100 prospects.


  • Height: 6′ 5″
  • Weight: 205 lbs.


Troy Gillenwater¬†‚Äď New Mexico State

Gillenwater’s journey to this year’s NBA Draft took an interesting detour following his last season at New Mexico State. ¬†Unable to solidify his stock, the undersized power forward withdrew his name just days before the 2011 NBA Draft. ¬†However, the league’s withdrawal deadline didn’t coincide with the NCAA’s deadline, which led Gillenwater to play in Israel his first season out of college.


  • Height: 6′ 6″¬†w/o shoes, 6′ 7″¬†w/shoes
  • Weight: 242 lbs., 15.3% body fat
  • Wingspan: 7′ 2″
  • Standing Reach:¬†8′ 10.25″


  • Standing Vertical: 33.8″
  • Running Vertical: 35.3″
  • Bench Press: 7 rep max
  • Lane Agility: 11.31 sec.
  • 3/4 Court Sprint: 3.29 sec.

Dominique Ferguson ‚Äď Florida International

If Ferguson had his way, he would be preparing for another season of college basketball and not the NBA Draft. ¬†Aware that the coaching tenure of hall of famer Isiah Thomas was coming to an end, the 6’8″ power forward attempted to transfer. ¬†With Thomas out of the fold, Ferguson hoped to move to a school closer to his home in Indianapolis. ¬†However, FIU denied his release, forcing Ferguson to choose the next best option – the 2012 NBA Draft.


  • Height: 6′ 8″¬†w/ shoes
  • Weight: 209 lbs.
  • Wingspan: 7′ 3″

Post-workout Notes

  • English on what an NBA team is getting if they draft him: “They’re gonna get a tough kid that really takes pride in one, stopping people, and two, knocking down shots. ¬†So whatever I city end up to, I just plan on being a consummate pro in the way I prepare and the way I work every day.”
  • English on players with similar games as his: “I feel like I can shoot on the move like Rip (Hamilton) and Kyle Korver, attack off the dribble a bit better than those guys. ¬†And I feel like my ability to guard multiple positions (is like) a Thabo Sefolosha.”
  • English on how his last year at Missouri taught him strong work ethic: “A lot of it was Coach (Frank) Haith and his staff. ¬†They paid so much attention to detail and so¬†meticulous¬†in their approach to how we prepared. ¬†And having that, seeing that for a year showed me how I’m going to be as a pro.”
  • Connections: English and Dont√© Greene played high school basketball together at Towson Catholic in Baltimore. ¬†English also grew up playing against Tyreke Evans on the AAU circuit and was a part of the Tigers team that eliminated Evans’ Memphis squad in the 2009 NCAA Tournament.
  • Kings head coach Keith Smart was not in attendance at today’s pre-draft workout. ¬†Kings president Geoff Petrie, assistants Bobby Jackson, Jim Eyen and Alex English helped conduct the workout. ¬†Smart was also absent yesterday as well.



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