Cousins deserves every penny of reported max-deal contract extension

It isn’t an argument anymore, DeMarcus Cousins, as of right now, is the best big man in the NBA. His dominance both physically and statistically are unmatched by any at his size and position. With rumors of a max-deal extension offer from the Sacramento Kings swirling, there is no question that Cousins deserves every penny of what he will be offered.

Five years and over $200 million dollars; That’s the amount of money we are talking about here. A contract that demands absolute superstardom, which is what Cousins is.

Put aside his win totals and lack of playoff appearances because that’s not what an NBA player of his caliber is paid for. Of course the Sacramento Kings want to win, and want Cousins to be the face of that winning franchise, but the dotted line is ultimately signed based off of the talent level and production.


While it isn’t a contract year, Cousins’ ever-increasing numbers are almost forcing the franchise’s hand to offer the max-deal in the coming offseason. Currently in his seventh season (all with Sacramento), Cousins scoring numbers are near the top of the league.

He is averaging 28 points per game on 45 percent shooting from the field. That’s a two-point increase over last season with a nearly identical efficiency rate. Not to mention, the NBA’s most dominant post player is averaging a career best 1.8 three-pointers a game.

His numbers are impressive, except for those in the win column. Until Cousins finds himself, at the very least in the postseason, he will always be met by that major criticism. And rightfully so. It is the most important number after all. Just not when it comes to a massive payday.

In offering this contract, the Kings will be extending the olive branch, which tells the big man that, despite the team’s low win totals over his career, and the technical foul/off-court issues, they believe he is the one to bring the franchise back to the glory days of 2002. Can anyone blame the franchise for thinking that way?

The five-year deal would give the Kings control of the big man through the best years of his career. If he is this dominant at just 26-years-old with zero playoff experience, imagine how great he could be after an early playoff exit. It’s worth the risk.


With every major decision, there is always a chance that something can go wrong or that it may not work out. Having Cousins under contract for five years, despite the ridiculous salary, makes him even more enticing to a team as potential trade bait.

However, the Kings will do everything in their power to make sure that Cousins will remain in a purple jersey for the full length of the deal and beyond.

Cousins has not shied away from reporter’s questions. Multiple times he has reassured media, fans, and the franchise, that Sacramento is where he wants to be.

“I think my jersey will be hanging in the rafters when I retire in Sacramento,” Cousins told NBA TV.

I believe the Kings are hoping for the same thing. This contract extension is the best chance to see the number 15 hanging proudly in the Golden 1 Center one day, right next to an NBA Championship banner. It’s got to start somewhere.

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