Complaint of Sheedy’s arena poll dismissed

The Fair Political Practices Commission won’t be getting involved in the controversy surrounding Councilwoman Sandy Sheedy’s arena poll.  A complaint filed last week against Sheedy has been dismissed by the FPPC.  Division Chief Gary S. Winuk says why in a letter to the man who filed the complaint, Robert Langdon (via the Sacramento Press):

The Fair Political Practices Commission enforces the provisions of the Political Reform Act (the “Act”) found in Government Code Section 81000, and following.  After review of your complaint, the information you provided is insufficient to establish a violation of the Act.  The use of campaign funds to conduct a poll is an appropriate use of campaign funds.  (Section 89512.)  Additionally, since the telephone calls were not for the purpose of advocating for a candidate or ballot measure, no identification by the Sheedy campaign was required (Section 84310.)

After the story broke, Langdon told media outlets that he thought he was signing a petition.  He says he received the complaint in an email.  But who sent it to him?  Sac Press says Langdon doesn’t know and can’t restore the message since he deleted it last week.  Unanswered questions still remain.


Jonathan Santiago
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