Complaint filed against Sacramento Councilwoman’s arena poll

Councilwoman Sandy Sheedy is in hot water after conducting a poll that found unfavorable attitudes toward financing a new Sacramento arena.  A complaint has been filed to the Fairness Political Practices Commission accusing Sheedy of violating election laws.  Here are some of the details from Melissa Corker of the Sacramento Press:

According to the complaint filed by Sacramento resident Robert Langdon, Jr., Sheedy may have violated sections of the Political Reform Act of 1974related to telephone advocacy and misuse of a public figure’s official position.

“(Langdon’s) allegations are completely without merit,” Joann Cummins, Sheedy’s district director, said Monday.

Langdon is a court liaison for the Sacramento county family court – and a longtime Kings fan, according to his mother, Mary Jo Langdon.

Langdon, 31, alleges in the complaint that, by paying for a telephonic “push poll” with campaign re-election funds and failing to advise the people called that the poll was paid for by her campaign, Sheedy violated the act.

Here is Langdon’s description of the alleged violations straight from the paperwork:

Sacramento City Council member Sheedy violated section 18440 (Telephone Advocacy) and sections 18702 and 18702.3 (Official Position) of the Political Reform Act by paying for a telephonic “push” poll related to the new Entertainment and Sports Complex in Sacramento from her campaign re-election funds.  Sheedy failed to advise the persons called that the poll was paid for by her campaign.

Sheedy further posted results of the political poll on her Official City of Sacramento website, thus illegally using her “official position” in an attempt to foster her re-election campaign.

If you would like to read the poll in its entirety, it’s still posted on Sheedy’s website, as noted by Langdon in his complaint.


Jonathan Santiago
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