Cisco Está Quebrado

That is absolutely the extent of my Spanish. I was once able to ask where the bathroom was and say that the cheese was old and moldy. But I haven’t watched the scene from Encino Man in years in which Linkovich Chmofsky is learning Spanish.

ANYWAY, it turns out from a media release by the Kings and some sweet tweets from Sam Amick that Francisco Garcia has fractured his arm in a weight lifting session and will undergo surgery on Saturday. No set time table on his return.

I’m always skeptical when you hear about these vague and freak injuries. I’m not saying this has a Jeff Kent feel to it by any means. It’s just that weird injuries make my conspiracy theory synapses fire even when there’s really nothing there.

What we do know is that the starting small forward slot for the rest of the preseason is up for grabs between Desmond Mason, Donté Greene, Omri Casspi, and Andres Nocioni. Tom Ziller wrote about the small forward position earlier today on StR and now it seems sort of foreboding in a way. Basically, I’m blaming Tom for Cisco’s injury.

If the Nocioni off the bench idea sticks even with Garcia shelved for an extended period of time, then I would say that Donté needs to start stretching for next game (after a DNP-CD last game) and Dez needs to get his back in order.

UPDATE: Mr. Ziller has some further information about the injury and incident via some good Twitter hawking. (He is now officially blameless in my eyes.)

NEXT UPDATE: Sam Amick has video of Geoff Petrie discussing what happened.


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