Chris Webber on Kings to Seattle deal: “It’s not over Sacramento”

Chris Webber calls Sacramento Kings/Oklahoma City Thunder game. (Photo: Jonathan Santiago)

Chris Webber knows that sinking feeling Sacramento Kings fans everywhere probably have right now.  The former franchise cornerstone has heard just like everyone else about a potential Kings move to Seattle.

However, he’s still holding out hope for the city he once called home.

“Y’all could put these highlights back in because the jersey is not going down,” said Webber, while a clips of his Kings’ days rolled on Monday’s special edition of Inside The NBA.  “Everything is going to stay and we’re going to (fight it).  Everybody in Sacramento just keep on praying, wishing and hoping.  That’s all we can do.”

Webber along with fellow former King Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal weighed in on the news near the end of the program.   Here are few of their comments followed by audio of the roundtable discussion on Turner Sports’ venerable postgame show.

Webber’s initial reaction:

I’ve heard all the news.  I still, you know, I don’t believe it.  I have to not believe it.  I refuse to believe it.

Webber on the deal being submitted to the league office:

The paperwork is in like you said, but that just means the paperwork is in.  It doesn’t mean anything else.  You know, it’s funny.  I’ve been hearing a lot of criticism everybody saying ‘Why everybody keep fighting? Just let it go, just let it go.’  Well if you’re in Atlanta, what if you were going to lose the Hawks?  If you’re in Orlando, you wouldn’t let it (the Magic) go.  You’re gonna fight ’til the end.  A few of us are going to do that as well.

Webber appealed to both fanbases in Seattle and Sacramento:

I just wanna say to the fans of Seattle, I hope you get a team bad.  I want them to have a team.  Let’s really be honest – Seattle should have a team.  They’ve had some great fans.  They’ve had great teams there.  And so, this shouldn’t be Seattle or Sacramento or a fight that splits the two cities up.  I just wish there was a way that both teams could get what they want – both fans.  And it’s not over Sacramento.

Smith reminded the audience that Sacramento had the best fans despite bad teams:

When the Sacramento Kings, when I was there, we win 29-30 games – that was a successful season.  And it would be packed from start to finish.  You couldn’t get a seat.  They used to sell tickets, scalp tickets outside (for) a team that couldn’t win .500 at the time.

Shaq regards ARCO Arena as one of the toughest buildings he’s ever played in:

The paperwork’s in and we don’t know what that means.  But it’ll be a travesty if Sacramento is sold to Seattle.  Seattle’s a great town and I miss playing up there, but that was probably one of the scariest places to play when I was jump-hooking Vlade Divac.


Can’t see the audio player? Listen here.


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