Chris Sheridan’s Look Ahead to the 2010 Trade Deadline

Chris Sheridan of fame has looked ahead to the 2010 trade deadline in February and has pegged Kenny Thomas as the fourth most likely player to be traded.

4. Kenny Thomas, Kings
The Knicks were checking up on him earlier this summer while second-guessing themselves for not acquiring him last January when they could have had his 2010 expiring contract in exchange for Nate Robinson (not D-Antoni’s favorite all-time player) and Jared Jeffries, who, along with his cap-killing sidekick, Curry, combine to take up nearly 40 percent of the Knicks’ 2010-11 cap.

If I am Geoff Petrie, by February the price of acquiring Thomas in a Jeffries dump will have escalated, and I’ll be asking for Jordan Hill in the package, too. I’d also ask for the Knicks’ upcoming No.1 pick, but that lottery-bound prize is long gone, Isiah Thomas having sent it to Phoenix in the Stephon Marbury deal. If Walsh ever dangles his ’12 pick, maybe he can get someone to take Curry/Jeffries.

Jordan Hill, huh? Well, that sounds like an incredible deal the Kings would have to take advantage of.

Nobody wants Jared Jeffries. He’s arguably the least effective basketball player in the NBA. I can’t think of one thing he does well outside of chasing Carmelo Anthony down the court during a brawl (and he didn’t even catch him). But taking on his albatross of a contract from the Knicks hands could potentially yield someone like Jordan Hill and while I’m not big on Hill either, he’s a nice risk for the Kings to take. Hill would potentially be insurance in case Jason Thompson or Spencer Hawes don’t pan out. Or in case the Kings had to move either Hawes or Thompson to bring in a veteran from a team looking dump salary in these tough times. Acquiring Hill would also take the pressure away from Donte Greene and allow him to exclusively stick to the perimeter.

Anyway, it’s waaaay too early to think about what’s going to happen at the trade deadline and I still think acquiring Jordan Hill in this scenario is a bit of a stretch but since it’s August and we’re thirsting for some type of NBA talk, I don’t mind considering this kind of stuff, even if just for a moment.

By the way, there is nobody better at doing video breakdowns than Gian from Seven Seconds Or Mess and he recently did this one for Jordan Hill in Summer League.


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