Chris Hansen announces waitlist for Seattle SuperSonics tickets

Chris Hansen has kept quiet since announcing his agreement with the Maloofs to purchase a majority interest of the Sacramento Kings.  That silence was broken yesterday when Hansen and the Seattle contingent announced that they will begin taking names for a waitlist for priority ticket sales at beginning Thursday at 10 am.

“In addition to helping us understand and prioritize the demand for tickets, registering your interest will be a critical step in demonstrating to the NBA and basketball fans around the country the unbelievable passion that exists in the Emerald City to BRING BACK OUR SONICS!” Hansen wrote in a release published on his arena website.

This effort compares similarly to the “Here We Buy” campaign started by the grassroots community in Sacramento in January.   That campaign has attracted more than 5,500 pledges for over $23.5 million in new season tickets if the Kings stay in town.

Like the Here We Buy” idea, Hansen’s waitlist will collect names of potential season ticket holders and won’t be receiving any financial commitments to purchase tickets yet.  Hansen made sure to mention that the waitlist does not mean any decision has been made on the potential relocation of the Kings.

“It’s also important that we reiterate that no inference should be drawn between our establishment of the Priority Ticket Waitlist and our efforts to close our acquisition of the Sacramento Kings,” Hansen wrote.  “We are in the midst of working through the approval and relocation process with the NBA, and we would expect a determination to be made at the Board of Governors meeting in mid-April.”

Think Big Sacramento’s Kunal Merchant responded to the news of Hansen’s effort on Twitter .

“Today’s news is another indication that Sacramento continues to build the momentum needed to demonstrate our strength as a top NBA market,” Kunal Merchant proclaimed in a string of tweets.  “Our track record speaks for itself, as do the millions our community has already pledged in season tickets and corporate sponsorships to ensure the team’s future viability. We are focused and playing to win.”

The major dates to look for are April 3rd, when both Seattle and Sacramento will present their cases to the NBA’s relocation and finance committees, followed by April 18-19, when the NBA’s Board of Governors are expected to vote on the fate of the Kings franchise.


James Ham

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