From SLAM Online: More Than A Mural

I haven't given any coverage to the Omri Casspi mural defacing because I don't want to indirectly give it attention. It's a heinous act that is disgusting in every way. But just because I don't want to cover it on this space doesn't mean you shouldn't read great pieces about it elsewhere. Tzvi ... More

Casspi mural vandalized again. **Updated**

In what is becoming a major embarrassment for the community of Sacramento, The Bee is reporting that the midtown mural depicting Kings small forward Omri Casspi, has again, been scarred with a swastika. This is the second time in a week that vandals have defaced the mural. Local authorities are ... More

Go Big or Go Home…

Now that is your Sacramento Kings advertising dollars at work. Located off of I-5, the CalSTRS (California State Teachers' Retirement System) building is the perfect spot for maximum exposure. And yes, the Kings maximized this opportunity. According to the Sacramento Bee, the banner is 177 feet ... More

Casspi responds.

In response to the news of the defacing of a downtown Sacramento mural featuring his likeness, Omri Casspi of the Kings had this to say: "It's been all over the news over here," said Casspi. "Everybody's talking about it. It's hurtful to think that this is 2010, and there are still people like ... More

In case you don't buy the pressure facing Omri Casspi…

The Sacramento Bee's Cathy Locke is reporting this horrifying news:
"The Sacramento Police Department is investigating as a possible hate crime graffiti painted on a mural of Sacramento Kings players in the midtown area. Police Department spokesman Officer Konrad von Schoech said a report was received about noon today that a swastika had been painted on a plywood mural at 16th and R streets. A backward swastika was painted on the forehead of Kings player Omri Casspi, who is from Israel."
... More

In case you missed them, here are some required Kings summer reading articles.

Not to shamelessly promote the work of others but man oh man do Kings fans miss the day-to-day writing of Sam Amick. Yesterday Amick went back-to-back with:

"Tyreke Evans and Paul Westphal on Sacramento's Future".


"Tyreke Evans Takes Aim at Regaining His Jump Shot".

... More

From Dime Mag: Tyreke Evans Working Out With JaVale McGee

Check out this little video of Reke and McGee working out with trainer Rob McClanaghan (via Dime Mag): I don't know if it's just the extra medium workout shirt Tyreke has on but he looks HUGE. He's definitely added some muscle to his frame this off-season. I'll have more on that this week ... More

The Bee's Voisin Chimes in on Melo…

I must preface this discussion with my distaste for the style and quality typically associated with this particular author's work but the highlighted portion holds two important points worth reiterating that bring us back to yesterday's post:
Camelo and the Kings? "If and when the Denver Nuggets commit to a sign-and-trade for Carmelo Anthony, the Kings will thrust themselves into the conversation. Count on it. The Nuggets have offered their all-Star small forward a three-year, $65 million extension, but his intentions are unclear. Is he serious about wanting out? Or just posturing for a sweeter deal? Regardless, the Nuggets front office upheaval doesn't help matters. New GM Masai Ujiri is walking into a mess, and the last thing a new executive wants to do is trade his franchise player, and probably for lesser parts. That said, Joe and Gavin Maloof have been consistent about two things: (1) They are not interested in adding role players to eat up the salary cap space they've finally created; and (2) They are absolutely interested in a game-changer type of player, someone who puts fannies in the seats and affects the won-loss percentage, e.g., a Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony. You can be assured inquiries have been made and discussions will be ongoing." -Ailene Voisin
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Melo an option?

According to NBA writer and analyst Sam Amico's Twitter page:
Early word around NBA is Nuggets will try to trade Carmelo to 1 of 3 teams: Wolves, Kings, Nets. In other words, careful what you wish for.
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Tyreke Evans’ Jumper Looks So Much Better

This came from Reke's Twitter account: The form looks so much better than it did last season. He's not bringing the ball behind his head and his shooting arm looks to be a lot more straight up and down. I'd like to see his form when he's shooting off the dribble to see if it stays true to ... More