Gaining some Klout.

Here at Cowbell Kingdom, we concentrate most of our efforts on the action on the court.  On Saturday evening, before the Kings took on the Dallas Mavericks, we were asked to do something a little different, which was to cover an event put on by the Kings PR department. As many of you know, ... More

Kings’ final play against the Mavericks was not a bad play

Immediately after the Kings’ final possession against the Dallas Mavericks failed, Paul Westphal was under scrutiny from those who watched the Kings lose at home in probably their best game of the young season. But after watching it a couple of times, I have to say there was nothing wrong with ... More

From TBJ: 60/30 project comes to Arco Arena

Andrew Unterberger of The Basketball Jones is touring all of the NBA arenas in 60 days and was in town for the Kings-Hornets game on Sunday. I got a chance to talk to him about the team and arena after the game. I couldn't be more envious of his project right now. Here is a snippet of the ... More

Lieutenant Jeff Mennicke Wins Himself A Car

This was a pretty awesome moment the other night during the Kings-Wolves game. Lieutenant Jeff Mennicke was put on the spot by Joe Maloof while he was on the court. If he hit a free throw in front of everybody, he would win himself a car. Normally, that would put a lot of pressure on regular ... More

From Purple Panjandrum: Dalembert Will Start Over Cousins

James Ham over at Purple Panjandrum with quotes from Samuel Dalembert, DeMarcus Cousins and Coach Westphal on Dalembert being named the starter over Cousins. I particularly liked what Cousins had to say about it. “I thought it was a great idea and I think it will really help the team.  I ... More

Hassan Whiteside might play Friday night against Utah.

If the Sacramento Kings' 21-year-old rookie power forward Hassan Whiteside has anything to say about it, he will be back and ready to go tomorrow when the team takes on the Utah Jazz on the road. Whiteside went down in the first week of camp with a strained left patella tendon. Since then, he has ... More

It's about giving back.

Here in Sacramento, we have a very strong bond with our Kings. Not so surprisingly, two of our players, Samuel Dalembert and Francisco Garcia, have been nominated for the 2011 Jeffersons Awards for Public Service. More information can be found on this award by clicking here which routes you to the ... More

From Dime Magazine: Arco Arena Still Tough To Visit

Andrew Macaluso over at Dime Magazine posted the 5 toughest places to play in the NBA and the Kings made the list despite having a couple of down seasons the last few years: 5. ARCO Arena (Sacramento Kings) Despite managing to conjure up only 17 wins at home last season, the Kings still have one ... More

Thanks, NBA – that's just what we needed.

In a not so shocking turn of events, the NBA, via e-mail to the Sacramento Bee, gave Kings fans a nice kick to the teeth at a time when excitement for a new season is at its highest. The day after training camp opens, the NBA has this to say:
"On the heels of the disappointing – but not surprising – action (or inaction) of the state and Cal Expo board, it is fair to say that the NBA has ceased its activities on the Sacramento arena front," league representative John Moag said in an e-mail to The Bee. "However, we will continue to monitor and respond to the activities and options of others that might reasonably ensure the competitiveness and viability of the Kings' franchise." ... More

Kings continue agressive approach to winning fans back.

According to an official Kings press release, the franchise will offer variable pricing plans for games this season. “We realize that all games are not created equal,” said Matina Kolokotronis, Kings president of business operations. “Similar to the successful model used by the hotel and ... More