Video: Goon Squad Classic Highlights

The team over at Yay Area's Finest put together an amazing mixtape of all the highlights from the Goon Squad Classic.  Tremendous tip of the hat to them for their work. More

Kevin Martin said what???

There have been many voices in this God forsaken NBA lockout.  Lawyers, commissioners, federal negotiators - all with some sort of spin coming at us.  Today, former Sacramento King and current Houston Rocket shooting guard Kevin Martin stepped up to the plate to voice the opinion of what has now ... More

Highlights: Jimmer, Isaiah and Honeycutt from Jimmer’s All-Stars

If you didn't catch last week's game, here a few Kings rookie highlights from Jimmer's All-Stars. Isaiah Thomas Tyler Honeycutt Jimmer Fredette A tip of the hat to Lockout Hoops for sharing. More

Marcus Thornton turns down Maccabi Tel Aviv?

Reports have surfaced that Sacramento Kings restricted free agent Marcus Thornton may have passed on a substantial offer to play overseas for Maccabi Tel Aviv.  According to David Pick of Thornton is a huge piece to the Kings puzzle going forward and the fears of him ... More

Kings working hard despite lockout, relocation talk

Have you ever tried to sell snow cones to Eskimos?  How about ocean front property in Wyoming?  Try this one - selling NBA season tickets during a lockout for a team with a losing record for five consecutive years, or corporate sponsorships for a team that may or may not relocate at the end of a season that might not happen.  That is exactly what the Sacramento Kings have been charged with and to be honest, they have done a yeoman's job of it. I'm sure the cynic is going to give Mayor Kevin Johnson all the credit for what is happening here in Sacramento, but he is only a piece to the puzzle.  Once the Maloof family announced they were staying in Sacramento for the 2011-12 season, the Mayor's office switched gears from corporate sales to building a new entertainment and sports complex in the downtown rail yards.  The Kings, with the help of their NBA partners, were left to fend for themselves in very uncertain times. While fans would much rather be talking about free agency and start of training camp, that's not on the table right now.  Could you imagine trying to sell a box of Captain Crunch with no cereal inside?  Now how about that same empty box of cereal and oh, by the way, you can't use the word, "Captain."  Not his name and not his expertly penciled hat and mustache.  That is exactly what the Kings are faced with. More after the jump... ... More

Jimmer comes in at #273 in the #NBArank.

According to the ESPN/True Hoop ranking of the top 500 NBA players, Jimmer Fredette sizes up at number 273 out of a possible 500.  Each NBA player was graded from 1-10, with ten being the highest possible score.  Jimmer averaged a score of 3.55 from the 91 basketball aficionados tasked with ... More

It’s time to get down and Boogie.

Kings' big man DeMarcus Cousins turns 21-years-old today and it appears he is going to do it in style.     While Jimmer Fredette was able to pull legendary golf instructor Hank Haney out of the crowd for an on course clinic up at the American Century Championship in Lake ... More

Your morning cup o’ Kings: DeMarcus Cousins

One of the truly fascinating thing about covering the 2010-11 Sacramento Kings was watching rookie DeMarcus Cousins work, both on and off the floor.  When I describe to people what I do, one of the first questions out of their mouth is, "What is DeMarcus Cousins like?"  If I'm being honest, I tell them that it depends on the day.  Cousins is an engaging, intelligent kid with a big heart.  He is also surly, difficult and combative.  He wears his heart on his sleeve, which is a blessing and a curse.  He almost always sticks around to take his lumps from the media, even when things have gone poorly.  He wants to win, he wants to start and he wants to play the whole game. There is so much to like about DeMarcus Cousins and a certain amount of apprehension that you have to have with him.  While he is supremely talented, he is young and immature.  Is he worth the trouble?  Absolutely.  Is he going to have more growing pains?  Yes, but mark my words, the finished product will be one of the most dominant players in the NBA. More after the jump... ... More

Your morning cup o’ Kings: Donté Greene

The Kings haven't had many personalities like Donté Greene.  Sure, there have been characters like Vlade Divac and Ron Artest, but Donté Greene is something different.  Basically, Greene is a multimedia machine - the star of the Donté Greene show, Twitter and Youstream aficionado- all of which make him a fan favorite. Where Greene has cultivated a following off the court, he has struggled with consistency on the floor.  Greene is nothing short of an enigma.  So much talent, flashes of brilliance, great size, million dollar smile, but ... Coming into training camp last season, Donté Greene and Omri Casspi were supposed to fight it out for the starting gig.  Greene never even got off the ground, coming into camp at 260-pounds, a good 25-30 pounds heavier than his previous playing weight.  After starting 50 games in his second season, Greene saw that number slashed to just 21 starts and an incredible 13 DNP-CDs.   From possible starter to bench player and now, who knows what.  After the Kings brought in small forwards John Salmons and rookie Tyler Honeycutt, they shipped out Casspi to clear up a little room, but Greene will still have to battle to earn minutes at a crowded position that also includes Francisco Garcia and even Tyreke Evans at times. More after the jump... ... More

Your morning cup o’ Kings: Jason Thompson

With all of the golf coverage from this last weekend, we got away from the morning cup o' Kings.  Today, we are back and since it's his birthday, we will look into some old footage of Kings power forward/center Jason Thompson as a senior at Rider University. Kings President of Basketball Operations, Geoff Petrie, became known for his ability to mine talent in Europe through the late 90's and early 2000's.  Peja Stojakovic and Hedo Turkoglu became crucial pieces during the glory years of Kings basketball, both drafted as young European prospects by Petrie and his staff.  Following the European invasion, Petrie turned to players from small U.S. colleges such as Western Carolina, Rutgers and Rider.  Like his European picks, Petrie found success, first with Kevin Martin and most recently with Jason Thompson. Thompson started out hot as a rookie, joining Spencer Hawes in a promising front line.  But the hope that a Spencer Hawes/Jason Thompson front court could return the Kings to the playoffs dissipated quickly.  Before last season, Hawes was traded to Philadelphia with Andres Nocioni for center Samuel Dalembert, clearing minutes for rookie DeMarcus Cousins.   Lost in a four man rotation of Dalembert, Cousins and Carl Landry, Thompson struggled in his transition to a role player.  After starting 114 games his first two seasons, JT started only 39 games last season and saw his minutes drop from 31.4 in year two to just 23.3 in his third year as a pro. More after the jump... ... More