First Impressions from the Kings First Summer League Game

Summer League is a chance for first impressions and to get a modicum of an idea of what you have with your young players. And that’s exactly what we get with the Kings after 40 minutes of play against Detroit’s rookies and Summer League roster fillers. Here are some quick-hitter impressions ... More

More Videos from First Day of Mini-Camp

Here are the rest of the videos of the first day of Kings Summer League Mini-Camp from Kingsflix. First up, Paul Westphal: Speak of the devil, Donte Greene is the next video: And a little bit of the action from the night practices: Get ready to see a lot of this next season -- ... More

Tyreke “Reek” Evans Talks with

Andrew Nicholson is basically running this blog today. Another nice interview after the first practice via Kingsflix. "I know the offense is going to come to me; I think I did a good job on defense." More Catches Up with Pete Carril

Another great interview from Andrew Nicholson via Kingsflix. "I think the resurrection of our franchise started today." More Catches Up with Jason Thompson at Mini-Camp

Via Kingsflix More

Video of Kings 1st Practice of Mini Camp

Andrew Nicholson of Kings Connect fame has just uploaded some video from the Kings 1st practice of the summer. Okay, it isn't exactly Summer League games, exhibition games in October or the season opener but it's nice to finally have some basketball video to over-analyze and obsess about until ... More

2009 Kings Las Vegas Summer League Announced

The Kings just released their Summer League schedule and roster right now and it has some very interesting inclusions that I think could end up shaping the rest of the off-season for the Kings. First let's go over their schedule of which I'll be able to attend two of their games in about 10 ... More

Hello, Reno Big Horns! … Again …

The Sacramento Kings received their Big Brother program assignment yesterday for the NBDL and it will once again be the Reno Bighorns for the second year in a row. Teams have the option of taking over the D-League affiliates basketball operations without having to actually purchase the team but ... More

Tyreke Evans’ Development from E:60

Found this from a Mr. Tom Ziller on Sactown Royalty. I remember how Tyreke Evans was the prize of the 2008 recruiting class and then seemingly in the first two months of the college season, everyone had already forgotten about him. Now? He was one of the more polarizing picks of the 2009 ... More

Sam Amick catches up with Ricky Rubio at the airport.

Bee exclusive: Rubio reacts to Kings workout Pretty interesting stuff by Sam as he catches Rubio at the airport to find out how he felt about his Kings workout. It seems like nothing went all that well (but not all that bad either) and the Kings could be even more confused about whether or not ... More