From NBA Playbook: Evans and Martin Working Together

Sebastian Pruiti of fame also runs the fantastic new blog, NBA Playbook. He breaks down certain plays or aspects of all different games around the NBA. Bookmark, subscribe to the RSS feed and get smarter because of it. Today, he breaks down how Tyreke Evans and Kevin Martin ... More

From HoopsAddict: Kings Not Looking to Deal Kevin Martin

Ryan McNeil, the driving force behind the brains and brawn of HoopsAddict, did some sleuthing and interviewing when the Kings were in Toronto and discovered that the Kings are not looking to trade Kevin Martin. Outside of the numbers, after spending some time in the Kings’ locker room and ... More

From KnickBlog: Kings Zone Defense Frame by Frame

Gian from Knickblog is probably the best blogger on the webs at breaking down film and presenting it in a innovative and aesthetic way. Well, instead of video for this breakdown of the Kings zone defense that they employed in key moments of the fourth quarter to stop the Knicks, he's done a frame ... More

Three Big Highlights from the Kings Win at MSG

First here was one of the big threes I wrote about in the recap. It's Donté Greene on the break from Tyreke Evans: Secondly, here is Tyreke Evans absolutely undressing Jared Jeffries and I don't mean in the biblical way. This is just filthy: And third, this was the play by Evans to ... More

From Jerusalem Sports: Tyreke Evans Not a Point Guard?

Noam Schiller of Daily Dime Live chat commenting fame discusses the idea that people seem to think Tyreke Evans isn't a point guard. My response to people who think he can't play point or is "clearly a shooting guard" is that you "clearly don't watch Kings games." Here's the link. ... More

Omri Casspi Will Be Playing H-O-R-S-E

Omri Casspi will be at the All-Star Weekend for two events. We already know about the Rookie/Sophomore Game but now he'll be competing against Kevin Durant and Rajon Rondo in the weekend's H-O-R-S-E event. From TrueHoop, here is a Western Conference team executive's take on the event. More

“Don’t Let Him Pull That Move…”

"Don't let him pull that move! That's the move! Oh, that's the move!" That's a quote from White Men Can't Jump and it's all I could heard in my head when I watched Tyreke Evans obliterate Tim Duncan on this play late in the Kings' loss to the Spurs. More

From When Kingdom Come: Interview With Donté Greene

Alex Kramers from When Kingdom Come on Blogcritics has a nice interview with Donté Greene. Check it out. More

From StR: Where Do the Kings Stand at the Deadline?

Aykis16 from the Sactown Royalty community put in some great work trying to hash out any possible trade wants, needs, and likelihoods between the Kings and the rest of the NBA. He hit up a blogger for each team and even asked me about my beloved wretched Timberwolves. It's a very good read (long ... More

Evans and Casspi to Play in Rookie Challenge

From the Kings: Tyreke Evans and Omri Casspi have been named to the Rookie Team for next month's All-Star festivities in Dallas. Sacramento Kings rookies Tyreke Evans and Omri Casspi were selected to the 2010 T-Mobile Rookie Challenge & Youth Jam to be held on Friday, February 12 in Dallas ... More