From the Daily Dime: Reke and Beno Forever

Over at the Daily Dime on, I was allowed to write a brief piece about Beno and Tyreke starting together again. Here's a snippet: Before Martin was traded, the Kings were averaging 15.3 fast-break points per game (good for top seven in the NBA). Since the deadline deal, the Kings have seen ... More

Spencer Hawes, Know Your Role

Did you notice the big, tall white guy dressed in a nice suit around the Kings bench on Tuesday night? His name is Spencer Hawes and he is the starting center backup center no wait he’s the starting center again you know what let’s bring him off the bench guy in Paul Westphal’s dog house. ... More

From Sam Amick: Dan Fegan Doesn’t Send Geoff Petrie a Christmas Card

Or something like that. Sam blogs about the contentious relationship between Geoff Petrie and Kevin Martin's agent Dan Fegan: When Martin signed with Fegan during his time out because of injury this season, the pairing was problematic. Petrie's experience with Fegan in June during the Rubio saga ... More

From FanHouse: Petrie Ranked 20th in GM Swagger Power Rankings

Shoals and Ziller decided to get together and put some NBA GM Swagger Power Rankings after the trade deadline passed. Petrie ranks 20th: 20. Geoff Petrie, Kings. Petrie had a successful draft -- Evans at No. 4 is a star, and Omri Casspi at No. 23 might be the fifth best player of the draft when ... More

Another Thing About Carl Landry…

He dunks on Lakers in the playoffs! (Via - Dream Shake) As I recall, the Lakers were mounting something of a rally at this point during Game 6. Landry stopped that pretty quickly with one of those mythical "momentum changers." I don't know what's better: Carl's finger wag at the end, or Kobe's ... More

From the Sac Bee: No Kevin Martin In The Fourth Quarter?

For the Sacramento Bee today, Jason Jones is questioning why Kevin Martin sat all but the final 15.4 seconds of the fourth quarter in a three-point home loss to the Celtics. When this game was close, and his coach called on him, Martin deferred to the group that gained so much confidence when he ... More

The Bayer Aspirin Full Contact Rebounding Challenge

This was tweeted by Jon Brockman during All-Star weekend and I couldn't be more in favor of this idea. You want to bring some energy into the All-Star festivities? How about we throw a bunch of big men out there in a Battle Royale type of environment and let Mike Wilks or Trevor Ariza shoot ... More

Omri Casspi’s Nike Commercial

I don't know about you but I watched this thing about 10 times in a row and got chills from it each time. That's a great ad. (H/T - Basketball Fiend) More

From Kings Connect: Tyreke Evans Wins Rookie Challenge MVP

Link from Kings Connect More

From JRSportBrief: Omri’s Transition

YouTube link followed by YouTube video from JRSportBrief: More