From When Kingdom Come: What to Expect in Kevin Martin’s Return

Our friend, Alex Kramers, did some research into how the big names the Kings have traded away have performed in their return to Arco Arena and what it could mean for Kevin Martin's return to Sacramento tonight: Martin, who's averaged 20.3 points per game in 22 contests with the Rockets, half a ... More

Coach Westphal, How About You Stay A Little Longer

The Kings have announced that the third year option for Paul Westphal's contract will be picked up: “We’re all excited about the new direction Paul has given our team and his ability to keep our players focused during the course of the season,” said Petrie. “I think he’s done a tremend... More

From Donté Greene Vs Jon Brockman Dunk Contest

This was pretty fantastic. More

From Quiet Evans Letting His Game Do All The Talking

You may or may not be familiar with Jimmy Spencer. He does the home game recaps for Kings games on and he's also a man about town. He's also one of my groomsmen. Even if you don't know who Jimmy is, you probably have heard of Tyreke Evans. He's fairly new to town but he's made quite the ... More

Tyreke Evans and Dude Perfect for

I've discussed this before and I'll say it one more time. I think it's stupid that people have to lobby for awards in the NBA. Especially when that someone (Tyreke Evans) has been the runaway candidate for Rookie of the Year. I guess history by a rookie is questioned by some when the competition ... More

KingsTV Cribs: Jason Thompson

Check out the At Home With Jason Thompson piece from More

From the Huffington Post: Arn Tellem Writes About Tyreke Evans

I'm weary whenever agents talk about their clients. Agents are essentially just telemarketers trying to push their product and get you to sign up for the "deal of a lifetime." But this piece in the Huffington Post Arn Tellem (Tyreke Evans' agent) discusses the origins of his knowledge of Tyreke ... More

From Stadium Journey: Arco Arena, Unworthy of Royalty

Stadium Journey is a new-ish site that's actually pretty cool. People from all over the country (Canada too!) correspond and rate all of the different arenas and stadiums. I read through all of the NBA reviews this morning and from the arenas I've been to, I have to say I pretty much completely ... More

From Pro Basketball Talk: Brockman is Top 5 on the O-Boards

Are you reading Pro Basketball Talk regularly? If no, facepalm yourself and then add it to your Google Reader. If yes, then facepalm the person next to you and give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back. After Josh Smith got one of the best offensive rebounds we've ever seen (in terms of ... More

Jon Brockman’s Tweet Business

According to, Jon Brockman is making $411 per tweet when he updates his Twitter. (H/T - Both Teams Played Hard) The Brockness Monster currently has 319,209 followers on Twitter. That's sort of an insane amount. In fact, it's roughly 276,000 more followers than Donté Greene, ... More