From Kingsflix: Top 10 Alley-Oops of 2009-2010 Kings Season

From Kingsflix: More

From When Kingdom Come: Kings Five Best Free-Agent Signings

Our good bro, Alex Kramers, has gone over the Kings history of signing free agents. It's apropos considering the Kings are looking at roughly $20 million in cap space this off-season. Mikki Moore - signed on July 13, 2007 for three years, $18 million Prior to 2006-07, Moore had played 303 ... More

Confirmed: As He Should Be… Tyreke Evans Is The 2010 Rookie Of The Year

As Tom Ziller reported earlier Tuesday, Tyreke Evans will be named the 2010 Rookie of the Year. I didn't want to post anything involving Tom's breaking news until I could verify it myself (not a knock on Tom... just my own paranoia about this stuff) but sources have confirmed the story from Sactown ... More

Rookie of the Year Countdown… Wednesday?

Saw this tweet from John Hollinger late Monday night/early Tuesday morning about Jamal Crawford being announced as the Sixth Man of the Year: So perhaps this means that the Rookie of the Year award will be given out Wednesday. There aren't too many awards left and I doubt they'd give out ROY ... More

From When Kingdom Come: Scot Pollard Interview

Our good friend, Alex Kramers from Blogcritics got a chance to interview Scot Pollard: In my mind, I knew going into a game that I was there to make the stars look good. I didn't want to see Vlade (Divac) or Chris (Webber) in foul trouble, or worse, (get) injured from taking a charge or diving on ... More

The New Arena Plan Looks Like It’s Totally Going To Happen/Not Happen

Nice article in the Sacramento Bee about the latest development in the Kings trying to get this complicated land-swap deal done to hopefully get a brand new downtown arena like nearly EVERY OTHER BASKETBALL CITY IN THE NBA. "At the end of the day, are we getting a state-of-the-art 21st-century ... More

TrueHoop Network Awards Given Out

With Awards Season coming this week (Dwight Howard won DPOY today) and throughout, the TrueHoop Network thought it would be a fun idea to vote on the same awards and see how the network gauged the 2009-2010 regular season. You can see the winners here on TrueHoop. Big ups to Dan Feldman of ... More

From ESPN Writers Pick Tyreke Evans for ROY

The ESPN analysts have voted for their choice on Rookie of the Year and Tyreke Evans got a whopping 14 out of 20 votes for the award. More

From When Kingdom Come: What to Expect in Kevin Martin’s Return

Our friend, Alex Kramers, did some research into how the big names the Kings have traded away have performed in their return to Arco Arena and what it could mean for Kevin Martin's return to Sacramento tonight: Martin, who's averaged 20.3 points per game in 22 contests with the Rockets, half a ... More

Coach Westphal, How About You Stay A Little Longer

The Kings have announced that the third year option for Paul Westphal's contract will be picked up: “We’re all excited about the new direction Paul has given our team and his ability to keep our players focused during the course of the season,” said Petrie. “I think he’s done a tremend... More