From When Kingdom Come: Free Agency Guard Options For The Kings

Our compadre, Alex Kramers, broke down the talent pool of the position the Kings need most right now - guards: The Samuel Dalembert trade eliminated the need to add a veteran free agent, and after the NBA Draft, in which the Kings selected 6'10" DeMarcus Cousins and seven-footer Hassan Whiteside, ... More

From Piston Powered: Rookie Rebounding Numbers Like Whoa

Dan Feldman, TrueHoop Pistons blogger and human highlighter, put together this fantastic chart of all the incoming rookies and their corresponding rebounding numbers. Play around with it and enjoy. Sheet 1 Powered by Tableau More

From When Kingdom Come: Q&A With Jason Jones

Our compadre, Alex Kramers, sat down with Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee to discuss the Kings and their plans: Has the notoriously secretive Geoff Petrie given any indications on plans? No, and I’ve tried!  He told me the other day, “I could tell you who I like right now, but I reserve ... More

Donté Greene Show Has Returned – Episode 1 of Season 2

Our friends at Kingsflix just posted the new season of the Donté Greene Show. He throws out the first pitch at a Rivercats Game (actually not a bad one either, considering most first pitches bounce) and then heads to a farm to milk some cows. Also, be sure to check out Donté's baseball ... More

It Is The East And Big Nasty Is The Sun

Apparently, Corliss Williamson used to be a thespian. I never knew it but glad I know now. (H/T - Fat Shawn Kemp) More

From FanHouse: Bill Walton Is Back In The Game Of Life

Whether you like him or not (which is insane not to like him because he's an icon and good at his job), Bill Walton will be doing Kings broadcasts this year in a part-time role. You should check out this piece by Chris Tomasson from NBA FanHouse on Bill. It's pretty incredible. "After he won that ... More

For Your Summer Viewing Pleasure, The Donté Greene Show Will Return Soon

Kingsflix has dropped the trailer for the second season of the Donté Greene Show. Considering he deleted his Twitter and Facebook last night, this is all we'll have from him this summer. Maybe some uStreaming if we're lucky. Also, it looks like Donté filmed the entire second season on a ... More

Updated: Tyreke Evans Cited For Reckless Driving; Commence Overreacting

Updates Galore! Been out most of the day and couldn't update until now. UPDATE #1: It was actually 130 mph not 100 mph. Yes, that's twice the speed limit. I still stand by what I said below. I think it will be handled in the court system and handled well. Tyreke and his family are embarrassed ... More

From Kings Connect: Evans, Petrie Earn High Praise Around the NBA

Alex Kramers of When Kingdom Come fame wrote a nice piece on the NBA Draft Lottery for Kings Fan Fare. Alex covered the event for A similarly ringing endorsement came from NBA Commissioner David Stern, who said Evans is “not only a terrific young man, but a great basketball player who ... More

From the Donté Greene Show: JT and Donté Argue Hilariously

While putting together a post that will be up in a little bit, I came across this clip from the Donté Greene Show. It was recorded on UStream November 9th of 2009. It's basically Donté and Jason Thompson arguing about who has been to more places. I couldn't stop laughing throughout it and then ... More