Game 10 Recap: Bulls 101, Kings 87

The Kings went into this game with the chance to win their fifth straight game and push their record to 6-4. They were trying to do so against a Bulls team that hadn’t cracked the 100-point mark all season and actually hadn’t even scored 95 points in a contest. They’re one of the five ... More

Game 9 Recap: Kings 109, Rockets 100

Communication. It’s a simple thing that most people are too stubborn to do. It’s the reason relationships and understandings break down every day. And it’s the reason the Kings were a lousy defensive team last season. They didn’t communicate on that end of the floor. This year? ... More

Game 7 Recap: Kings 120, Warriors 107

With Kevin Martin out, there is invariably going to be more attention to the starting backcourt in order to see if the Kings can pick up the dropped production/scoring/brilliance that their starting shooting guard had given them through the first five games of the season. And when you go into a ... More

Game 6 Recap: Kings 104, Jazz 99

Ronnie Price? No. Ronnie Brewer? Didn’t work. Deron Williams? Not a chance. Kings fans have been up and down a lot in the first two games. There was the embarrassing opener against the Thunder. There was the near-win in New Orleans that they should have won. There was the blowout in San ... More

Game 5 Recap: Hawks 113, Kings 105

Young teams often have to find a way to win in the fourth quarter by closing out the games strongly. If you watched the Kings’ fourth quarter against the Hawks then you saw the opposite of how that needs to be accomplished. The Kings played incredible basketball for the first 36 minutes of ... More

Game 4 Recap: Kings 127, Grizzlies 116

Energy. That’s what’s been missing from the Sacramento Kings, Arco Arena, and the Kings fans over the past two years. They’ve been missing energy. In this new era of Kings basketball, there have been more question marks and concerns than concrete reasons for hope. That’s how it is ... More

Game 3 Recap: Spurs 113, Kings 94

The Sacramento Kings could use some consistency – even after just three games. After an embarrassing opening night in OKC and a bit of a redemption loss in New Orleans that looked extremely encouraging, the Kings were brought back down to Earth by getting manhandled 113-94 in San Antonio. They ... More

Game 2 Recap: Hornets 97, Kings 92

Okay, I don’t really believe in moral victories. It’s fun to through the cliché around from time to time but in professional sports, you shouldn’t be content with losing no matter how bad your team is. So I’ll still say there is no such thing as a moral victory. But I do believe in ... More

Game 1 Recap: Kings lose 102-89 to Thunder

Well, that didn’t go as planned. The score of this 102-89 loss to the Thunder in OKC is certainly deceiving for those who watched this game Wednesday night. The Thunder dominated the Kings in pretty much every aspect of the game, gave far more effort from start to finish and coasted through ... More