The Deal with Dalembert.

News traveled fast via twitter today that Samuel Dalembert might make it back for the Kings' second game of the season in New Jersey. While this is exciting news, it also appears to be overly optimistic for  a player the Kings medical staff ruled out for 4-6 weeks a little over two weeks ago. Here is Dalembert's comment in its entirety to remove some of the confusion:

"I'm excited, it's feeling much better. It's feeling much better. I don't feel as much pain as before. It's healing. I'll try to shoot sometime to do more tomorrow and then keep going."

"We are about to find out, I'm about to get on the treadmill right now. So I'm about to run on the treadmill and I'll let you guys know tomorrow. That's the real test you know, run on the treadmill and see how you feel after that. And then tomorrow, if I feel good, if nothing is really bugging me, I'll try to do more and then hopefully, I'll be out there in New Jersey."

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Training Camp Update: Day 18.

I am going to miss training camp on Sundays. There is nothing better than full court scrimmages with an almost full roster to work with. Coach Westphal again tooled with a big line-up today, playing Cousins, Thompson and Landry together for long stints, along with Garcia and Evans.  They were matched up with Whiteside, Jackson and Casspi as their opponents, which was intriguing to say the least.  Casspi and Thompson got a little bit chippy with each other, but nothing too serious. Whiteside had a couple of monster blocks, but Cousins returned the favor late with a violent rejection that almost had Whiteside looking for a new head. I will have coaches comments on this action below. Injuries:
  • Dalembert working with Coach Carril.

    Dalembert is still out, BUT he made reference to possibly being ready to go against New Jersey the second game of the season. I'm not sure this is a reality at this point, but he is working hard everyday to get back. The adductor injury Dalembert sustained is one of those err on the side of caution type injuries. Once Dalembert thinks he's ready, I would then give him another week.
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A Day Off!

Hello readers. The Kings have taken the day off today so we sill not have a training camp update. Be sure to check out both the Luther Head and Beno Udrih interviews from the last two days and I will see you all here tomorrow. More

Kings vs. Jazz televised.

It looks like the NBA package is open tonight as a part of their free trial. DirecTV channels 754 and 754-1 (HD) are running the Jazz feed of the game. Hopefully it is the full game and we can watch the final tune up before the season starts in its entirety. More

Training Camp Update: Day 17.

Coach Carril and Carl Landry.

  • Samuel Dalembert- Out. The initial report was 4-6 weeks and that was almost two weeks ago. The word around camp today is that Dalembert will still be out for a while.
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Season Preview Essays: Samuel Dalembert

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Training Camp Update: Day 16.

Dalembert and Jeter working with Carril.

Injury Report:
  • Samuel Dalembert (adductor)- Out, but he did come out and work with Coach Carril and Pooh Jeter on setting screens.
  • Hassan Whiteside (patella tendon)- He's back! Hassan is still not cleared for full practice but he did partake in 5 on 0 drills. He should be cleared for full contact soon. Go here for more details.
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No training camp update.

Although there is very little to report today as the team is traveling to Los Angeles to play the Clippers, I can confirm via twitter that both DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans traveled with the team. So far this pre-season, when a player travels with the team on the road, he plays, so hopefully ... More

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