Statements on Departure from Chris Granger

Words can't describe what Chris Granger meant to the city of Sacramento and the Kings organization as a whole. He will surely be missed and we wish him nothing but the best. Sacramento, Calif. – Yesterday, Sacramento Kings President Chris Granger released the following statement announcing his ... More

Analysis: Polish versus Upside with Jayson Tatum and Josh Jackson

The Sacramento Kings find themselves in an interesting spot this Thursday. With the 76ers trading for the first pick, their ability to trade up seems far slimmer, while the uncertainty behind who they’ll be able to select at five has only grown. The Boston Celtics will likely be deciding ... More

John Collins: ‘I’m a big-time athlete’

John Collins is ready for the NBA and wants people to know that he is a big-time athlete with versatility on both ends of the floor. What was your biggest takeaway from this interview? If you had to decide between John Collins, Lauri Markkanen and Zach Collins as the best big man in the draft, who ... More

Ranking the Top 60 Prospects in the 2017 NBA Draft

Ranking prospects in a vacuum is always tough. While you'll seldom get the exact numerical value correct, the separation of tiers is what one strives most to portray through each player's rank. This class proves exceptionally difficult in that regard, with the end of the first and beginning of ... More

Analysis: De’Aaron Fox’s top plays and how they would improve the Kings

It’s that time of the year where teams around the NBA will be deciding their future with young and energetic players out of college to help them reach the ultimate goal of winning an NBA championship. In the Sacramento Kings’ case, all eyes are pointing at Kentucky's De’Aaron Fox, who just ... More

CK Podcast 296: Jordan Schultz, Lonzo Ball, NBA Draft Scenarios

We discuss the entire NBA Draft with HuffPost Sports Columnist, Jordan Schultz and the latest news on Lonzo Ball. We also break down draft scenarios for the Sacramento Kings. Join the conversation! If you are looking for NBA Autographs, NBA Memorabilia, or NBA Trading Cards, has it ... More

Fox’s flaws, potential and fit in Sacramento

De’Aaron Fox spent the majority of his freshman season at Kentucky wavering on most draft boards. Lacking the serviceable jumper and overall polish needed to compete with guards like Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball, it wasn’t until recently that Fox sparked a revitalization of sorts — both ... More

Zach Collins: ‘I’m really confident in my 3-point shot’

Zach Collins spoke about his inside game and ability to knock down the 3-point shot at the NBA level. Would you draft him at #10? Join the conversation. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up and share it with your fellow NBA fans. 🏀LeBron James and Buddy Hield Giveaway🏀 Cowbell ... More

Jarrett Allen: ‘I pride myself on my defense’

Jarrett Allen shares his thoughts about his defense and things he can bring to the Kings and other NBA teams. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up and share it with your fellow NBA fans! If you are looking for NBA Autographs, NBA Memorabilia, or NBA Trading Cards, has it ... More

NBA Mock Draft 3.0

Last week, I released my second mock draft and many fans reacted differently. Some people are skeptical of Dennis Smith Jr. dropping to No. 10 but it's not unrealistic because of his character issues, according to multiple reports. His talent is undeniably impressive, but for a Kings team that has ... More