I’ll Pass On the Ménage à Guard

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this potential three-guard lineup for the Kings due to the Francisco Garcia injury and I can’t help but think that it’s more gimmick than solution. It’s not that I don’t think Beno Udrih can be a decent point guard for the Kings. And it’s not ... More

Attention Kings Fans: Want to Win Some Kings Swag?

Then you need to head on over to The Sacramento Press, read their Kings coverage and leave a comment on one of their fantastic Kings stories. Jason Thompson wrote something over there and so did Jon Brockman. Not to mention there are talented local writers covering this team right now and Martin ... More

Know Your Enemy: Southwest Division Previews

We linked to the Atlantic Division previews a few days ago and now have the Southwest Division previews for you to read, learn and strategize against. More thanks go to Jeff Clark of Celticblog for organizing this entire project. Here's the full list of the Southwest Division previews. Dallas ... More

Francisco Garcia Out for Four Months

From Mitch Germann's Twitter: Just saw the release on @cisco32... Successful surgery but out four months. More

Cisco Está Quebrado

That is absolutely the extent of my Spanish. I was once able to ask where the bathroom was and say that the cheese was old and moldy. But I haven't watched the scene from Encino Man in years in which Linkovich Chmofsky is learning Spanish. ANYWAY, it turns out from a media release by the Kings ... More

From SlamOnline.com: ‘Reke Havoc

Wendell Maxey from SlamOnline.com wrote a fantastic story on Tyreke Evans. Check it out after the excerpt: A 6-6, 225-pound point guard, Evans should hold his own against both small and big guards alike around the League. Just ask Steve Blake and Andre Miller. They’ve surely seen enough of Evans ... More

What They Say? Preseason Game 2

Last night, I was actually able to see the Kings play in person. Before that, I thought they lived in a preseason world that only existed in Gary Gerould's vocal chords. I had no idea there would be so many bright colors, loud noises, and Jon Brockman-induced bruises. For the most part, it was ... More

Preseason Game #2: Blazers-Kings Recap

Yesterday, my excuse for not recapping the game was because I wasn't able to watch it. Well, I don't have that excuse for not recapping the game today. I headed out to Arco last night, sat myself in the media section and viewed the game in its entirety. And you know what? It was pretty ugly -- even ... More

Know Your Enemy: Atlantic Division Previews

Jeff Clark of Celtics' Blog fame has organized the biggest NBA Preview orgy ever to hit the internet. First up is the Atlantic Division. Want to know what to make of the Celtics, Raptors, Nets, Knicks, and 76ers going into this season? Who better to tell you than the guys that follow them and ... More

What They Say?

Looking around the internet, there hasn't been much buzz this morning concerning one of the seven biggest pre-season NBA games from Tuesday night. You would normally think that a "let's get the blood pumping with a light job before you start that double marathon" type of game would be able to ... More