Game 4 Recap: Kings 127, Grizzlies 116

Energy. That’s what’s been missing from the Sacramento Kings, Arco Arena, and the Kings fans over the past two years. They’ve been missing energy. In this new era of Kings basketball, there have been more question marks and concerns than concrete reasons for hope. That’s how it is ... More

Game 3 Recap: Spurs 113, Kings 94

The Sacramento Kings could use some consistency – even after just three games. After an embarrassing opening night in OKC and a bit of a redemption loss in New Orleans that looked extremely encouraging, the Kings were brought back down to Earth by getting manhandled 113-94 in San Antonio. They ... More

Game 2 Recap: Hornets 97, Kings 92

Okay, I don’t really believe in moral victories. It’s fun to through the cliché around from time to time but in professional sports, you shouldn’t be content with losing no matter how bad your team is. So I’ll still say there is no such thing as a moral victory. But I do believe in ... More

Game 1 Recap: Kings lose 102-89 to Thunder

Well, that didn’t go as planned. The score of this 102-89 loss to the Thunder in OKC is certainly deceiving for those who watched this game Wednesday night. The Thunder dominated the Kings in pretty much every aspect of the game, gave far more effort from start to finish and coasted through ... More

From Sam Amick: Kings Opening Night Starters

From your favorite beat writer and mine: What are my thoughts on Spencer not starting? Other than Kevin Martin, I feel like every single starting position should be up for grabs. If Spencer hasn't proven himself due to poor performance in the preseason, injury issues or whatever was going on ... More

TrueHoop Network 2009-10 Season Preview: Kings

Last Year’s Record: 17-65 Crystal Ball The consensus prediction of the TrueHoop Network bloggers … and the best hopes of Cowbell Kingdom. Crowd Says: 22-60 Cowbell Kingdom Says: 28-54 Yes We Can! The sun is out. The seas have parted. The basketball gods are shining upon us! While ... More

From BDL: Tyreke Evans Go Manu

Video of Tyreke Evans putting a move on the Warriors in transition that would cause Billy Hoyle to scream, "Don't let him pull the move, don't let him pull the move. That's the move! Oh, that's the move!" (H/T to Mr. Skeets) There will be a full preview on Tuesday for the season but I'll ... More

Kings Waive Ely, Smith

Per the Kings release, your Kings roster is down to 14: SACRAMENTO, CA ---- Following last night’s preseason game in Phoenix, the Sacramento Kings requested waivers on center-forward Melvin Ely and guard Lanny Smith, it was announced by Kings’ President of Basketball Operations Geoff ... More

Know Your Enemy: Central Division Previews

You know the drill by now. Chicago Bulls | Give Me The Rock Cleveland Cavaliers Fear The Sword | WaitingForNextYear | Cavalier Attitude Detroit Pistons Motown String Music | Empty the Bench | Pistons Nation | Indiana Pacers Indy Cornrows ... More

Preseason Game #4: Warriors-Kings Recap

Once again, I wasn't there and had attended the Blogs With Balls 2.0 conference in Las Vegas. But here are some highlights, game notes, and the lineup data. - For the views of someone that was at the game, I really recommend checking out Aykis' recap over at StR. Great read. - Jason ... More