Game 56 Recap – Pistons 101, Kings 89

Bad, bad defense. That was the story of this game for the Kings. They played bad defense, the Pistons made their shots and Tyreke Evans was just amazing enough to keep it interesting in the fourth quarter. The weird thing in looking at this box score is seeing the numbers by both teams. The ... More

Weekend of Disappointment and Hope

Here are the bad numbers from the weekend of a new era in Sacramento basketball: - 177 points in two games. - 29/46 (63%) from the free throw line in two games. - 35 turnovers in two games. - Outrebounded 94 to 68 in two games. - Outrebounded 30 to 14 on the offensive boards in two games. ... More

From Sam Amick’s Twitter: Kings Land Dominic McGuire

The Kings were not only kind enough to help facilitate the rebuilding of Clutch City but they also relieved the Washington Wizards of their luxury tax woes. Here is the tweet information from Sam on the trade. This now puts the Kings roster at 17 players if I have counted correctly (not a ... More

NBA Trade Deadline: TrueHoop Network Discusses Kings-Rockets-Knicks Trade

With three teams being so prominently involved in a mega trade like this one, Mike from, Rahat from and myself decided to get together through technology and give a roundtable discussion of the acquisitions for each team. According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the ... More

NBA Trade Deadline: Update to Kings-Rockets Swap

Okay, quick update for the Kevin Martin to Rockets trade. Here is the final shakedown after the Knicks got involved: Kings receive Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey and Larry Hughes. Knicks receive Tracy McGrady and Sergio Rodriguez. Rockets receive Kevin Martin, Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries, the ... More

From Sam Amick: Kings Trying To Get David Lee

From Sam's twitter: More

NBA Trade Deadline: Links and Updates on Trade with Rockets

Okay, so the morning has arrived and nothing has come from what we knew going to bed last night. Here are some reactions from other media types along with one quick note to start from Adrian Wojnarowski's Twitter feed: - "Best chance T-Mac to Knicks happens? Pressure power agent Arn Tellem ... More

Game 54 Recap – Warriors 130, Kings 98

The Kings gave up 130 points. The Kings gave up 40 points to C.J. Watson of all people. The Kings allowed the Warriors to make more than half their shots and make half of their three-pointers. The Kings let the Warriors furiously push the tempo, which resulted in 46 fast break points. ... More

NBA Trade Deadline: Analysis of the Kings-Rockets Swap

So here’s the deal so far: Kings acquire Tracy McGrady, Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey and Cash (can be up to $3 million). Rockets acquire Kevin Martin, Sergio Rodriguez, Kenny Thomas and Hilton Armstrong. There’s also another possible part to this deal of the Kings shipping Tracy McGrady to ... More

NBA Trade Deadline: Kings Ship Out Martin & Co. for McGrady & Such

According to Woj at Yahoo, the Kings have traded Kevin Martin, Sergio Rodriguez, Kenny Thomas and Hilton Armstrong to the Rockets for Tracy McGrady, Carl Landry and Joey Dorsey. From the Twitter account of Ric Bucher, the Knicks might get involved for McGrady and Sergio. We'll see as details ... More