Coach Westphal on His Coaching Staff Decisions

Here's an explanation from Coach Westphal on why he selected each member of his coaching staff: More

Beno Udrih Frustrated With Last Season

One of the more surprising moments for me on Media Day was walking upon an interview between Carmichael Dave and Mid-Level Exceptional point guard, Beno Udrih. It's no big revelation that Beno was the ire of a lot of fan's frustration last season and rightfully so. At times, it appeared as if he ... More

Kings Media Day 2009: Desmond Mason

I know I've been in the minority with this Desmond Mason signing but I love the attitude and professionalism that he brings to a team. In talking to him today and observing other interviews, you can see why Geoff Petrie and Paul Westphal are so high on him as a person and a player even if many ... More

Kings Media Day 2009: Jason Thompson

Despite having a fairly successful rookie season (after being a surprise pick in the 2008 Draft), Jason Thompson's place in the NBA somewhat seems to be in question. His averages of 11.1 points and 7.4 rebounds per game were very encouraging but the fact that he lead the entire NBA in personal ... More

From The Baseline: Shoals Looks at the Kings

If you don't read The Baseline from The Sporting Blog every day then you're doing yourself and your basketball world quite a disservice. Also, if you're not trying to consume one of their head writers, Bethlehem Shoals, on a daily basis then I don't know what to tell you about where your life is ... More

From Marc Stein’s Interview with Vlade

Stein sat down with Vlade Divac and talked about the European legend's career in the NBA and beyond. Here's the video: And a little excerpt from the article: "Back then it bothered me," Divac said. "From this distance, I am OK. I know we didn't win [the] championship, but I think we ... More

Kings Voluntary Off-Season Workout

From, here's video of the recent Kings Voluntary Workout program: Couple of things that I noticed here and really liked: 1) Sean May looks like he's in fantastic shape. I'm always skeptical of reports that guys have cut their weight down significantly because you never know how ... More

Defending the Desmond Mason Signing

I’m going to assume you’ve already read Tom Ziller’s questioning of the Desmond Mason signing. If you haven’t, here it is. I’m going to steal a line from My Cousin Vinny to address Tom’s assertion of this Desmond Mason signing: “That is a lucid, intelligent, well thought-out ... More

From BDL: Vlade, Dominique in Asia

The Korean Basketball League is participating in the 2009 NBA Asia Challenge in which various Asian teams play against the NBA Generations team. The Generations team is comprised of guys like NBDL prospects, Tim Hardaway, Dominique Wilkins, Robert something or other, and Vlade Divac. The real ... More

Desmond Mason Dunk from 2/22/2005

There may be a slew of these over the next couple of weeks. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to contain myself. I love Dez's in-air theatrics. This was a dunk from 2005, at the end of a Bucks-Bobcats game. It was completely unnecessary but for some reason he just unleashed a windmill of ... More