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Game 36 Recap: Kings 102, Nuggets 100

One-Four Flat. That’s the key phrase from this win over the Nuggets. Flat could describe the Kings and their effort in the first half of

January 10, 2010 Regular Season

Game 35 Recap: Warriors 108, Kings 101

Editor’s Note: Sorry for posting this so late. Coached last night and didn’t get to the game until this morning. Then I couldn’t find time

January 09, 2010 Regular Season

Game 34 Recap: Suns 113, Kings 109

“This ‘close but no cigar’ is going to end. I don’t know when but it’s going to end.” That was Paul Westphal after another tough,

January 06, 2010 Regular Season

Game 32 Recap: Lakers 109, Kings 108

Well, what can you do? Kings twice had 20-point leads. Spencer Hawes had 30 points (career-high). The Kings not only hung tough with the world

January 02, 2010 Regular Season

Game 31 Recap: 76ers 116, Kings 106

Have you ever watched a movie that simply didn’t do anything for you? I’m not talking about a movie that you hated or a movie

December 30, 2009 Regular Season

Game 30 Recap: Kings 106, Nuggets 101

The Kings gave the ball to Tyreke Evans and told him to win games against two of the best teams in the NBA over the

December 28, 2009 Regular Season

Game 28 Recap: Cavs 117, Kings 104

With a tough home stretch of the Cavs, Lakers and Nuggets in a one-week span, the Kings and their fans should be hoping for one

December 24, 2009 Regular Season

Game 27 Recap: Kings 102, Bulls 98

The Kings were listless and didn’t really compete against the Bulls on Monday night. The Bulls created turnovers and took advantage of a poor defensive

December 22, 2009 Regular Season

Game 26 Recap: Kings 96, Bucks 95

There are two things that can help a young team win on the road: 1) some good ole fashioned defense and 2) a young star

December 21, 2009 Regular Season

Kevin Martin Returns to Some Pregame Shoot Around

This video was taken by Sam Amick (perhaps you’ve heard of him) before the Wolves game. (H/T – Tom Ziller of Sactown Royalty [perhaps you've

December 19, 2009 Injuries
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