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Dominic McGuire Done for the Season

In yesterday’s game, Dominic McGuire apparently tore his right plantar fascia. I’m not medical expert but I did watch a lot of ER when Clooney

March 29, 2010 Injuries

Weekend Recap – Celtics 94, Kings 86 and Cavs 97, Kings 90

There are two ways to take the way the Kings played this weekend: 1) The Kings played hard fought basketball and showed they aren’t a

March 29, 2010 Regular Season

Nevermind: Tyreke Will Miss the Next Two Games

So after we found out that Tyreke Evans has set his sights for Friday as his return, the Kings released a statement saying this: Sacramento

March 25, 2010 Injuries

Tyreke Sets His Sights On Friday Return

Lovable and huggable Jason Jones from the Sacramento Bee posts that Tyreke Evans is looking for a Friday return when the Kings are in Boston.

March 25, 2010 Injuries

Game 72 Recap – Nets 93, Kings 79

Everybody should remember this from before. This is how it was before the draft and before the regular season was over last year. The Kings

March 24, 2010 Regular Season

Game 71 Recap – Grizzlies 102, Kings 85

It’s a game of runs. That’s what we always hear when you’ve got two high-scoring teams trying to duke it out with each other. It’s

March 23, 2010 Regular Season

Tyreke Evans’ Jaw Injury

As you know by now, Tyreke Evans took an elbow (not intentional) from Ersan Illyasova during the Kings double OT loss to the Bucks Friday

March 20, 2010 Injuries

Game 68 Recap – Lakers 106, Kings 99

What exactly can you take from this Kings loss to the Lakers? This is the third one of the season. It’s also the third loss

March 17, 2010 Regular Season

Game Recap 67 – Kings 114, Wolves 100

After Friday’s frustrating night of basketball, the Kings really needed a confidence-building victory on their homecourt before the Lakers came to town. Enter the Minnesota

March 15, 2010 Regular Season

Game 65 Recap – Kings 113, Raptors 90

Wednesday night, the Sacramento Kings held a ceremony for Tyreke Evans in order to show their support for his Rookie of the Year candidacy. There

March 11, 2010 Regular Season
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