Here We Stay group takes on KJ and the City Council.

Tuesday evening, with all cameras rolling, the Here We Stay group made their presence known at Sacramento City Hall.  Ignoring the torrential downpour, the group first marched around the exterior of the building, chanting and waving banners.  Once it was time to go inside and face Sacramento ... More

Taking one in as a fan.

As this all consuming Kings season comes to a close, I was given some advice from a fellow blogger, he told me - James, make sure you go to a game as a fan before the season is over.  I thought about it and I committed to at least bringing my two young sons to one more game, as Kings fans, before ... More

Houston and the ghost of Kings past.

Amidst all the relocation talk, the game of basketball has almost been lost in Sacramento.  Tonight, the Kings welcomed back Kevin Martin, Brad Miller and former head coach Rick Adelman.  Adelman won 395 games as the coach of the Sacramento Kings between 1998-2006, but tonight he was going ... More

The light dims. Taylor/ICON group puts feasibility study on hold.

Kings fans in Sacramento woke up Sunday morning to the horribly disappointing news that until the Maloofs make their intentions known, the Taylor/ICON group has decided to put their feasibility study for a new sports and entertainment facility on hold.  It all makes perfect sense.  The ... More

Kings’ fans bring the noise.

For those of you who missed the Kings/Clippers game last night, here is a quick clip of some of the action.  If you are at home, turn it up.  If you are in the office, throw on some head phones because it's going to get noisy. That was a great moment, the place just went nuts.  That ... More

Maloofs in the house.

Joe Maloof, via twitter, has confirmed that he, along with brothers Gavin and George will be in attendance for Here We Stay night at newly named Power Balance Pavilion. @Joe_Maloof Joe Maloof Gavin, George, & myself will absolutely be at the game Monday night. My mom really wants ... More

Here We Stay.

This is a pretty simple concept.  The team that you follow is threatening to leave town.  Not on another road trip, but for good - never to return.  You can cry, you can place blame and get angry or you can get off your ass and try to make a little bit of difference. That is what Here We ... More

Relocation Extension: This is happening, people. UGH

Mark Kreidler is on top of the Maloofs filing for an extension to look over Anaheim's offer of having the team move there. While this sounds bad, it's not a terrible sign. All it means is the team is looking into relocation. It doesn't mean they will relocate. At the same time, this ... More

DSD Podcast.

Today I was able to fit in a podcast with Jon Santiago of Davis Sports Deli.  We touched base on the Landry/Thornton trade as well as the pending March 1st relocation date.  Click here to have a listen and put a voice to the writing. More

Will the Maloofs pull the plug on the Sacramento Kings?

Both Marc Stein of ESPN and Sam Amick of Fanhouse are reporting that the Maloof brothers, majority owners of the Sacramento Kings, may file relocation papers to move the Kings to Anaheim California before the March 1st filing deadline.  The Maloofs as well as the previous owners of the Kings have ... More