Sacramento push to block Anaheim bonds almost complete.

This saga just keeps getting better.  The Sacramento Bee is reporting that local political consultant Rob Stutzman is closing in on the necessary signatures to block the City of Anaheim from issuing $75 million worth of bonds.  The bond money is earmarked for both required renovations to the ... More

Why Clay Bennett is the perfect choice to judge the viability of Sacramento.

A special thanks goes out to photographer Ron Nabity for not only capturing a horrible NBA no call (no, goal tending was not called on Ibaka on this play either), but also for capturing the feeling I have in regards to Clay Bennett.  While so many people are up in arms over the appointment of ... More

Kings players address Arco well after the game

My man, Jon Santiago, got video of Marcus Thornton, Tyreke Evans and Donté Greene addressing the fans well after the game was over. More

Grant and Jerry sign off

Watch this. There really aren't words that should accompany it. Thanks, Grant and Jerry. (via Gwiss) More

The plot thickens…

Rob McAllister of Sacramento radio station KFBK is now reporting: KFBK has learned that the majority owners have also taken out a line of credit with the NBA for roughly $75-million. Kings' spokesman Mitch Germann said the team used the line of credit. However he would not confirm nor deny the ... More

So what happens if they stay?

There has been so much speculation and rumor that it is very hard to understand just what exactly might happen over the next week or even months to the Sacramento Kings.  We know that the NBA board of governors (BOG) will meet on April 14-15 to discuss, among other things, the Maloof’s possible ... More

Let me tell you about “your business”

Let me start off by saying that I am not a Kings fan. I have never been a Kings fan. And certainly now, I will NEVER be a Kings fan. This is a fact about me that has caused some resentment and ire amongst Kings fans when I was allowed to join the TrueHoop Network and run the Sacramento Kings ... More

The City of Sacramento fires a shot at the good folks of Anaheim.

The City of Sacramento has sent this letter to the City of Anaheim demanding that Anaheim back off ... now. Here is a summary of the letter: The Sacramento Assistant City Manager is making a formal request to the Anaheim City Manager to: (a) stop negotiating with the Kings, including trying ... More

I need a drink, Kings fans need a new plan.

Let's be honest here, the news coming out of Anaheim and Mayor Kevin Johnson's office hasn't exactly been music to Kings fans' ears.  To update you, the OC mayor is happy and Kevin Johnson is sad.  Here are a couple of samples for those of you out there who enjoy pain. "The good news is that we ... More

Crandell gives hope.

Breaking news this evening.  Fox 40's Jim Crandell is reporting that the light hasn't gone out on Kings fans just yet.  Although the report is vague, Crandell is reporting that government and business officials are working on a creative new plan to get a new arena built in Sacramento. "I know ... More