Here We Build: Arena commission takes shape with regional leaders

A 60-member commission made up of community leaders (politicians, business people, etc.) will lead the charge toward building a new Sacramento entertainment-and-sports complex.  It is aptly titled "Here We Build".  From Ryan Lillis of the Bee: State senators Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, and ... More

Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 2: Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee

With the feasibility presentation in the books, the first step toward building a new arena is complete.  Now comes the hard part: financing.  Ryan Lillis of the Bee joins us to sort through that topic, as well as share his thoughts on the Taylor/ICON presentation from yesterday's city council meeting. Tune-in after the jump... ... More

The feasibility study deemed feasible.

Today at the Sacramento City Hall, members of the Taylor/ICON group took the podium, one after another, to lay out the foundation for a new sports and entertainment complex in the Downtown Rail Yards.  Led by ICON's Tim Romani, the group used a power point presentation to paint a vivid picture of what might be in Sacramento.  The plan, which we have detailed here, is still without a completed financing mechanism to the pay the estimated $387 million price tag, but that will come next as the Mayor and his team of civic leaders go behind closed doors to comb through the plethora of new and exciting information. ... More

Arena: Natomas vs. Downtown

Hypothetical placements of a new arena in Natomas versus the Downtown Railyards. Images from the ICON/Taylor Feasibility Study via NBA Confidential: More

*** Updated*** New information on arena keeps rolling in.

  Update: If you would like to read the entire feasibility study yourself, you can download the PDF document here courtesy of NBA Confidential. (Jonathan Santiago) Update #2: Post is now updated to reflect actual numbers from the feasibility study. We have just received new and ... More

If I were a new stadium in Sacramento, this is what I might look like.

  In the immortal words of Frank the Tank, "It's glorious!"  This is the artist rendering for the proposed sports and entertainment center that the Taylor/ICON group will unveil at tomorrow's special city council meeting. Susan Hurt covered a lot of the smaller details that leaked ... More

More Than A Pitstop

Photo: Jonathan Santiago

  Some of you may know me from my work at SLAM Online and SB Nation Bay Area.  Or maybe you follow me on Twitter.  But with the events that unfolded over the past few weeks, I reached out to the crew here at Cowbell Kingdom to help cover what should be the most fascinating year of Kings basketball since the 2005-06 season.  I'd like to thank James Ham and Zach Harper for letting me jump on board. Like Zach, I'm not a Kings fan.  If you've read my work at SLAM or SB Nation, you can expect to hear a mostly detached perspective on the team and efforts to build a new arena. This post, however, is an exception.  I rarely write opinion pieces.  In fact, this may be the only time you see me explicitly voice my view here at Cowbell Kingdom.  But after watching this relocation saga develop over the last four months, I thought it'd be fine to break character just one time. ... More

Audio of David Stern’s Conference Call about the Kings

Here is the audio of David Stern's 30-minute conference call on the Kings situation here in Sacramento. David Stern's Conference Call More

Kings Stay! Kings Stay!

According to multiple sources this morning, the Maloof family has decided to give Sacramento at least one more year. Here is the official SACRAMENTO KINGS press release.   Maloof Sports and Entertainment Statement SACRAMENTO, CA, May 02, 2011 -- “Out of respect to Kings ... More

Maloofs make the right decision?

Comcast SportsNet is reporting some great news for Kings fans: A source close to the discussions tells Comcast SportsNet that the NBA has told the Maloofs to expect the Kings to stay in Sacramento next year. The NBA is expected to put out a press release on Monday and the Maloofs will follow ... More