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So what happens if they stay?

There has been so much speculation and rumor that it is very hard to understand just what exactly might happen over the next week or

April 11, 2011 Business

Let me tell you about “your business”

Let me start off by saying that I am not a Kings fan. I have never been a Kings fan. And certainly now, I will

March 29, 2011 Business

The City of Sacramento fires a shot at the good folks of Anaheim.

The City of Sacramento has sent this letter to the City of Anaheim demanding that Anaheim back off … now. Here is a summary of

March 28, 2011 Business

I need a drink, Kings fans need a new plan.

Let’s be honest here, the news coming out of Anaheim and Mayor Kevin Johnson’s office hasn’t exactly been music to Kings fans’ ears.  To update

March 26, 2011 Business

Crandell gives hope.

Breaking news this evening.  Fox 40′s Jim Crandell is reporting that the light hasn’t gone out on Kings fans just yet.  Although the report is

March 23, 2011 Business

Here We Stay group takes on KJ and the City Council.

Tuesday evening, with all cameras rolling, the Here We Stay group made their presence known at Sacramento City Hall.  Ignoring the torrential downpour, the group

March 16, 2011 Business

Taking one in as a fan.

As this all consuming Kings season comes to a close, I was given some advice from a fellow blogger, he told me – James, make

March 15, 2011 Business

Houston and the ghost of Kings past.

Amidst all the relocation talk, the game of basketball has almost been lost in Sacramento.  Tonight, the Kings welcomed back Kevin Martin, Brad Miller and

March 08, 2011 Business

The light dims. Taylor/ICON group puts feasibility study on hold.

Kings fans in Sacramento woke up Sunday morning to the horribly disappointing news that until the Maloofs make their intentions known, the Taylor/ICON group has

March 06, 2011 Business

Kings’ fans bring the noise.

For those of you who missed the Kings/Clippers game last night, here is a quick clip of some of the action.  If you are at

March 01, 2011 Business
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