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From The SacBee: Kings Interview Three Prospects at Draft Combine

Jason Jones reports that Geoff Petrie talked to Oklahoma State guard James Anderson, Kansas center Cole Aldrich and Kentucky guard Eric Bledsoe in Chicago: “They

May 20, 2010 NBA Draft

From Pistons Powered: Draft Prospect Availability Chart

TrueHoop Network brother Dan Feldman of Pistons Powered has made a great chart that shows us which players will be available for the first seven

May 19, 2010 NBA Draft

Intial Fifth Pick Of The Draft Fallout

Initial reaction for a lot of Kings fans was definitely sad panda. But there needs to be some bright side here. The Kings are not

May 18, 2010 NBA Draft

Five Reasons The Kings Will Win The Draft Lottery Tonight

Tonight is the Draft Lottery as everybody south of the eighth seed conference lines know and the Kings have the third best chance at securing

May 18, 2010 NBA Draft

From SacBee: Ryan Thompson Tries Out For Kings

Nice piece from The Bee by Jason Jones talking about Jason Thompson’s brother, who just tried out for the Kings: “It was really awkward coming

May 12, 2010 NBA Draft

Draft Lottery Odds Are Back’s annual draft lottery odds machine is back and after just two clicks look what came up

January 26, 2010 NBA Draft

What They’re Saying About The Evans Pick

We’re a couple of days removed from the NBA Draft and I thought it was time to let the dust settle and look back over

June 29, 2009 NBA Draft

Omri Casspi: The Ultimate Israeli

This article was submitted to me by Eran Soroka from the Ma’ariv Newspaper. Eran was nice enough to provide me with some quotes and pictures

June 26, 2009 NBA Draft

Breaking Down the Draft: 23rd Pick, Omri Casspi

The worry about the 23rd pick in the draft started to come about when the Portland Trailblazers leapfrogged the Kings by trading three picks to

June 26, 2009 NBA Draft

Omri Casspi’s Press Conference in Israel

Many thanks to Eran Soroka of the Ma’ariv Sports Newspaper for hooking me up with these quotes and pictures. “I’m very excited and happy to

June 26, 2009 NBA Draft, Offseason
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