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Tanks But No Tanks

Around this time of year, we all start wondering if teams are really trying. You see, it’s in our society’s nature to assume the worst

March 24, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Sam Amick Is Leaving the Bee, Moving to Mom’s Basement

It’s kind of fitting that today, Sam Amick announced his move from the Sacramento Kings beat writer at The Sacramento Bee to AOL FanHouse on

March 16, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

The Reason for the Kings Defensive Turnaround

Defensive and offensive efficiency haven’t been the strong suits for the Kings this year. And when neither side of the floor is something you excel

March 12, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

I Think Coach Westphal and Spencer Hawes Are Cool Again

During the intros for tonight’s first game for the Kings since the Hawes-Westphal “feud” officially went public, the Kings coach and Spencer decided to show

February 26, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Possible Behind The Scenes Footage of Spencer Hawes’ Benching

As many of you know already, Spencer Hawes was benched for the home game against the Detroit Pistons Tuesday night. While we all assume it

February 24, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Be Seein’ You… Yeah, I Hope Not Sporadically

By doing the Daily Dime Live chats on, I run across fans of the most random players. There are fans that are infatuated with

February 23, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Kings Starting Lineup For Saturday’s Game

From Sam Amick’s Twitter: New Kings starting lineup post Martin trade – Evans, Garcia, Casspi, Landry and Thompson. I like it so far. Get Cisco

February 19, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

NBA Trade Deadline: TrueHoop Network Discusses Kings-Rockets-Knicks Trade

With three teams being so prominently involved in a mega trade like this one, Mike from, Rahat from and myself decided to get

Omri Casspi: The King of a Nation

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Noam Schiller, he’s an avid basketball fan and somewhat of a commenting star at’s Daily Dime

February 15, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Kings Mid-Season Report: Halfway There; Living On a Prayer

Record: 15-26 Honestly, I never understood that Bon Jovi song. I didn’t know what they were halfway to and I didn’t know what that prayer

January 22, 2010 Analysis/Commentary
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