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The Sacramento Kings on NBC… Kind of…

What does this picture remind you of? Some of you may immediately think of the glory years of the Kings when the Lakers were the

May 27, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

2009-2010 Kings In Review: Those Who Left Us

Now that the season is over and the playoffs are in full swing, it’s time to start looking back at what worked this season, what

May 03, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

From Ken Berger: 2010-11 Salary Cap Will Be $56.1 Million

This gives the Kings roughly $20 million to spend on free agency or in contractually lop-sided trades this summer as opposed to the original $17

April 16, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Stumbling On Wins Contest

UPDATE: We have a winner! Buck Nasty’s name was selected at random and will now have a brand new copy of Stumbling On Wins by

April 14, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Unsung Player Day: Donté Greene

April 14th has been dubbed “Unsung Player Day” across the internet thanks to our friend Don from the With Malice blog. It’s pretty self-explanatory too.

April 14, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Kings Getting Another Nationally Televised Game

Tomorrow night against the Spurs, the Kings will be televised on NBATV (channel 216 for DirecTV subscribers). They won the Fan Night vote. Last time

April 05, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Solving For Y With Carl Landry

(You may remember Noam Schiller from his fantastic Omri Casspi article earlier in the season. Well from time to time he’ll be joining us all

April 05, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Kings Give the Nets 8th Win of the Season…

Only way to describe it right now is a facepalm montage. I’ll get some words out in a short while

March 24, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Kings Shake Up Front Office

This was Gavin Maloof on draft night at Arco Arena. The Kings invited fans to come down to the ‘Ole Gas Pump and be a

March 24, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Tanks But No Tanks

Around this time of year, we all start wondering if teams are really trying. You see, it’s in our society’s nature to assume the worst

March 24, 2010 Analysis/Commentary
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