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Just because you are characters doesn’t mean you have character

I’ve always felt that if you’re a fan of a losing team it’s best to see some progress while still losing a bunch of games.

January 25, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation.

Paul Westphal is a completely likable guy.  On January 6, 2011, he won the 300th game of his career, a feat that he was unaware

January 19, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Kings might move… you know… unless they don’t

So the Kings might move, huh? How is this news? If you check out the quote from Joe Maloof, you get an impending sense of

January 11, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Tough Love Paying Off.

Negative attention follows DeMarcus Cousins like a giant rain cloud ready to burst.   Questions about his maturity, questions about his physique and questions about his

January 06, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Come for the Blake Griffin dunks; Stay for the rebuilding process

An all-star capable big man with a volatile and smothering game. A young guard with unlimited scoring ability. Lots of young, talented role players with

December 27, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Put Cousins on the block and let him be a bully

There were things about Chris Webber that drove me insane. Rarely do you see such potentially imposing post presences with that much ball skill like

December 21, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Kings should get the point with Tyreke

Open up the Sunday paper and you’ll see another article by Ailene Voisin trying to convince you that Tyreke Evans isn’t a point guard. Luckily,

November 29, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Tyreke Evans on feeling the pressure.

Following practice today, I was able to catch up with Kings guard Tyreke Evans.  This was not a one-on-one interview (two-on-one) so I will represent

November 29, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

Site News: James Ham joins Cowbell Kingdom

I am extremely excited to announce that James Ham of The Purple Panjandrum is joining Cowbell Kingdom to be a contributor and basically bring his

November 23, 2010 Analysis/Commentary

A fistful of consecutive losses

A horse peed on my car when I was traveling down the freeway, going about 65 miles per hour. While this sounds like the setup,

November 17, 2010 Analysis/Commentary
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