CK Podcast 243: Breaking down potential draft prospects

In this episode, Leo Beas introduces the new member of the Cowbell Kingdom family, KHTK’s Matt George. In the first segment, Leo and Matt discuss the potential draft prospects the Kings should look at. In the second segment, they discuss the hire of Dave Joerger and how it all ... More

10 reasons why Sacramento is an up-and-coming city

How’s Sacramento doing? BOOMING The city of Sacramento has great things to offer and with plenty of new developments, the city is certainly booming. The city of trees may be known as a cow town, but there’s something for everyone in Sacramento. Here are 10 reasons why Sacramento is an ... More

The list of free agents the Kings should keep an eye on

With Dave Joerger in command now, the Sacramento Kings will look to bolster their roster for the 2016-17 season. Last season, the Kings attempted to reshape their roster by signing eight new players to the team. It did not work out all that well for the team who ended up with a record of ... More

James Anderson has opted out

James Anderson has decided to opt out and test free agency. The salary cap is skyrocketing and Anderson wants some action. Will he get any? That will soon be determined. // I don't believe he did enough to earn a longer contract and more money, which is why I thought he would opt in but you ... More

Kings se quedan con el pick 8 del draft

Los Sacramento Kings elegirán el próximo 23 de junio en el octavo puesto del draft. Eso confirmó anoche la lotería que determina la situación en que cada equipo de los que entran en el sorteo elegirá el día en cuestión. // La franquicia californiana tenía el 72.4% de opciones de ... More

CK Poll: Where will the Kings end up in the lottery?

It’s that time of the year again! The NBA Draft Lottery is less than 30 hours away. The Kings hired Dave Joerger as their head coach and now await their position in the draft. // The Kings are currently in the eighth slot and have a 72.4 percent chance of staying there. They technically have a ... More

Joerger: “La excelencia que vamos a demandar se va a reflejar en el equipo”

En los últimos 26 años sólo dos entrenadores llegaron a Sacramento Kings después de que en su última temporada consiguieran al menos un 51% de victorias: Dick Motta en 1990 y George Karl en 2015. Desde hoy, Dave Joerger es el tercero. "Somo un equipo. Estoy ansioso por esta oportunida... More

Divac and Joerger are definitely on the same page

Sacramento is a passionate city searching for a head coach that will lead them back to relevancy in the NBA. According to Vlade Divac, that’s the type of coach he believes he hired. “I am thrilled to welcome Dave to the Sacramento Kings,” said Divac. “He is a strong and passionate ... More

Dave Joerger, nuevo entrenador de los Kings

Dave Joerger ya es nuevo entrenador de los Sacramento Kings tras reunirse esta mañana con el propietario mayoritario, Vivek Ranadivé. El ex-técnico de Memphis firmará con la franquicia californiana por cuatro temporadas a razón de un total de 16 millones de dólares, siendo la última de ... More

Grizzlies fire Joerger and Kings moving quickly to secure a deal with him

The NBA landscape has drastically changed in the last couple of hours. The Memphis Grizzlies fired coach Dave Joerger and now, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Sacramento Kings have jumped on team Joerger, and have made him their No. 1 candidate and are planning to move quickly to secure a deal ... More