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Stern and Hunter already working on new CBA?

According to our friend Sam Amick of The source confirmed an report that commissioner David Stern and union chief Billy Hunter met in

May 11, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Demons Exercised

The Dallas Mavericks easily eliminated the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers from contention Sunday with a 122-86 victory in game four of the Western Conference

May 09, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

From MIT Sloan Conference: Kings formula still not advanced

Much like the blogging community has infiltrated and changed the way sports coverage occurs, advanced stats have infiltrated and changed the way the NBA is

March 08, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Your Mandatory Marcus Thornton Love Letter

My Dearest Marcus, Long have I craved for our roundball rendezvous. Ever since those optimistic days of training camp, ripe with hopes of ascension into

February 25, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Marcus Thornton Scouting Report

Our good friends at Hornets 24/7 have been kind enough to exchange scouting reports with us on the key components of the latest Kings trade.

February 23, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Regret me, regret me not

Nick Hunt/Sacramento Press Arco Arena sign removed. Hopefully Kings won’t be too. Commissioner David Stern was on the BS Report with Bill Simmons this week

February 15, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

When the whole is better than the sum of the parts.

In case you missed it, the Sacramento Kings got taken to the woodshed by the NBA’s best team on Friday night.  The game was over

February 07, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Kings and Cousins take big steps.

After not just a rough start to the season, but the happenings of this week, the Kings needed something to work in their favor.  If

Taking Tyreke to task and other alliterations

(I lied. There are no more alliterations in this post – at least not intentional ones.) Some might view this as an unfair criticism, but

Just because you are characters doesn’t mean you have character

I’ve always felt that if you’re a fan of a losing team it’s best to see some progress while still losing a bunch of games.

January 25, 2011 Analysis/Commentary
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