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ESPN 5-on-5: Tackling the NBA’s most promising young center

The ESPN 5-on-5 roundtable continues its daily discussion with a debate of the NBA’s best centers.  Which young five-man has the most promising career prospects?

July 29, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Your midday cup o’ Kings: Francisco Garcia

As the roster sits today, the Sacramento Kings have only two players over the age of 25 – the 31 year-old John Salmons, who was

July 28, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Is DeMarcus Cousins Salvageable?

DeMarcus Cousins had one of the most intriguing rookie seasons of recent memory. Constant clashes with multiple bodies on and off the court; a knack

July 25, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Day one with Jimmer Fredette at the American Century Championship

Photo by James Ham   The golf gods smiled down from the heavens Friday at the American Century Championship.  The weather was an incredible 70-degrees,

Your morning cup o’ Kings: Rick Reilly, Jimmer Fredette and Dan Patrick

Today, we have something a little bit different for our morning cup.  There is video, of course, but also some heated discussion.  On Friday, July

July 12, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Jimmer Fredette comes to Lake Tahoe

With no basketball in sight, the Sacramento Kings’ new prize possession, Jimmer Fredette, has turned to a new sport.  The Kings can’t call Jimmer or

Projecting DeMarcus Cousins’ Sophomore Season

We shared with you earlier today Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus’ statistical projection of Kings rookie Jimmer Fredette.  Now we take a look at his

July 07, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Jimmer Fredette: A Rookie of the Year Favorite?

Basketball Prospectus’ Kevin Pelton put together statistical projections of players from next year’s rookie class for  His method explained in his own words: My

July 07, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

ESPN 5-on-5: Who’s ready to step into the spotlight?

Zach and I are on today’s ESPN NBA 5-on-5 roundtable.  Some Kings related excerpts: 3. Which rookie is ready to rise as a sophomore? Zach

July 06, 2011 Analysis/Commentary

Coach Westphal Summer Interview Part II: John Salmons and Samuel Dalembert

Editors Note: This interview took place on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 before the NBA locked out their players.   Welcome to part II of the

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