Casspi calls for decertification

Photo by Steven Chea

Former Kings player Omri Casspi spoke out about the lockout situation tonight via twitter, and his message is clear:



Although this might be a surprising turn of events for some, I had the pleasure of covering Omri Casspi all of last season and this is not out of character for the young Israeli-born swing man.  He is intense and he speaks his mind, but he usually knows when the recording device is turned on and when it is not.

Frustration levels have to be at an all-time high for NBA players at this point.  David Stern has again given them a date to either accept a deal or face the possibility of a much worse offer that will likely end the 2011-12 NBA season before it even had a chance to begin.  I’m not surprised to read comments like this from players, and I’m pretty sure Casspi will not be standing alone on this twitter cliff for long.

The clock is ticking for both the players and the owners with the Tuesday deadline looming.  Rumors are already swirling that the players will again decline the owners’ offer, which includes a 72-game season beginning December 15th.  If Casspi and his fellow 400+ players do indeed call the owners’ play, we will quickly know who was bluffing.

Will the owners really go back to a 47-53 split and a hard cap?  Will the players decertify the Players Union and turn this into a prolonged legal battle?

I’m not sure what is about to happen, but I do know that if Tuesday comes and goes without a new CBA, everyone loses.


James Ham

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